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Electric Scooter Laws in Western Australia 2023
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Electric Scooter Laws in Western Australia 2023

Do you want to buy or ride an electric scooter in Australia but don’t know if it’s allowed in your city or state? If you live in Western Australia, you need to know the state’s e-scooter laws to avoid breaking the law and prevent accidents.

If you’re unsure of Western Australia’s e-scooter laws, this comprehensive guide provides a quick but detailed rundown of the electric scooter laws in WA in 2023.


Are Electric Scooters Legal in WA?

Yes. Electric scooters are legal in WA, but you must ride them on approved or designated lanes and areas.

According to the Government of Western Australia, you can use e-rideables like e-scooters on:

  • Footpaths, bicycle paths and shared paths.
  • Roads with no dividing lines and a speed limit of 50 kph or less.
  • Bicycle lanes (on roads with a speed limit of 50 kph or less).

When it comes to pedestrian crossings, e-riders and cyclists can ride across if they’re coming from the connected path and not the road. Rides must also travel at a top speed of 10 kph when crossing and give way to pedestrians.

However, you can’t ride e-scooters on:

  • Roads with a dividing line.
  • Roads with over 50 kph speed limit.
  • Paths not designated for wheeled devices.
  • Paths and roads with ‘no bicycle’ signs or markings.
  • Sections marked for pedestrians.

Also, note that you should use the bicycle part when riding on separated paths.

Electric scooters in Perth, WA law also follow the same regulations.


What Are Considered Legal E-scooters in WA?

An e-scooter must meet specific technical requirements to be legally ridden in public in Western Australia.

If you’re planning to buy an e-scooter, the device must meet the following specifications to be street-legal:

  • Must have at least one wheel
  • Must be used by only one person
  • No more than 125 cm long, 70 cm wide, and 135 cm high
  • Weighs 25 kg or less
  • Has a top speed of 25 kph on level ground
  • Has no sharp protrusions

Note that there’s no limit to the power output as long as it complies with the requirements above. However, if you’re buying a kid’s e-scooter, the e-scooter must have a maximum of 200 W motor power.

An e-scooter that fails to meet these requirements can’t be ridden on public roads and paths.


What Is the E-scooter Speed Limit in WA?

The speed limit changes depending on where you’re travelling.

  • Footpaths: 10 kph speed limit
  • Bicycle paths, shared paths, and local roads: 25 kph speed limit
  • Pedestrian crossings: up to 10 kph speed limit

Regardless of where you’re riding, always ride to the conditions and slow down at traffic congestions, when passing pedestrians, and before turning corners.


Do You Need a Licence to Ride an E-scooter in WA?

No. You don’t need a licence to ride an e-scooter in WA.

However, you must wear an approved bicycle, skateboard, or motorcycle helmet. Also, make sure your helmet complies with the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 2063). An approved helmet will have a proper sticker signifying that it meets the Australian Standard.


Other Electric Scooter Laws in WA to Remember

Be Visible at All Times

Make your presence known to pedestrians, other riders, and vehicles by using a bell or warning device. You should also turn your lights on and have reflectors when riding at night. Being visible day and night helps others become aware of your presence and prevent accidents on the road.


Keep Your Hands on the Wheel

Have at least one hand on the handlebars at all times. Don’t use your mobile phone or any gadget while riding to avoid looking away from the road.

If the phone is secured and mounted on the e-scooter, riders may:

  • Use it as a driver’s aid for navigation or speed monitoring.
  • Touch it to make or receive an audio call.
  • Make or receive an audio call without touching it.

This also applies if the mobile phone is attached to the rider’s arm. Learn more about this on WA’s mobile phones and distractions page.


Don’t Ride Under the Influence

Electric scooter riders are subject to the same drink and drug driving laws as motor vehicle drivers. To avoid accidents and breaking the law, don’t ride an e-scooter under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Learn more about other rules and regulations you need to bear in mind.


Electric Scooter Trial in WA

Various cities in Western Australia have partnered with shared e-scooter platforms to implement e-scooter share schemes.

For one, the City of Perth partnered with Bird Rides Australia and Neuron Mobility to trial shared e-scooters for the next two years. You can ride these shared e-scooters on more than 80 sites across Perth.

The City of Vincent also implemented a 12-month e-scooter trial to provide locals with a convenient way to get around parks, shops, community events, and town centres. They partnered with Neuron Mobility, and the trial will run until December 2024.

Besides these cities, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder issued Beam Mobility and Bird Ride with a permit to operate their shared e-scooters for a 12-month trial. Beam is reported to have 200 shared e-scooters across Kalgoorlie-Boulder. After the trial, the city will consult with the community and provide an evaluation report to the Council in 2024.

Meanwhile, the City of Busselton already rolled out their 12-month e-scooter trial last year with Neuron Mobility. The shared e-scooters will be available in the city centre and surrounding suburbs, including West Busselton, Geographe, Abbey, and Broadwater. The trial is set to end at the end of 2023.

The e-scooter trial in the City of Greater Geraldton will also end by December 2023 after a 15-month trial with Beam. During its run, the city became the first WA location to trial seated e-scooters.

The City of Rockingham also extended their Beam e-scooter trial to December 2023. 

Finally, Beam e-scooter trials in Esperance have been extended until December 2027 after a successful trial. This makes it the longest-running trial permitted in Australia.


Have Fun Riding While Staying Safe!

Electric scooters have proven fun and convenient for locals in Western Australia, given the number of e-scooter trials in the state. However, proper laws have been put in place to protect locals and tourists who want to ride an e-scooter.

Overall, the best way to enjoy an electric scooter in Australia is to keep yourself safe on the road!

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