EleKtro assures our consumers and retailers with guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law. Both customers are entitled to:

  • An electric scooter of acceptable quality
  • Replacement or refund for a major product failure
  • Compensation for reasonable foreseeable damage or loss
  • Repair or replacement for minor failure or unacceptable quality.

Warranty Coverage

In addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, EleKtro warrants its e-scooters free from defects for the specified period below, starting from the date of purchase.

Warranty Coverage

Warranty Period

Frame of any EleKtro electric scooter

2 years

Official motor, battery, main body, and controller of any EleKtro electric scooter from EleKtro

1 year


Please note that this warranty is only valid if the e-scooter was used under the instructions and recommendations provided by EleKtro. Also, this warranty is non-transferable.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty doesn’t cover the following damages:

  • Damages resulting from misuse, neglect, or abuse, including but not limited to water damage, collision, theft, or fire.
  • Damages resulting from ageing of paint or colour, or deterioration of rubber, plastics, and plated surface.
  • Remodelling or modification.
  • Cracks or damages due to excessive load.
  • Water damage to electrical components.
  • Deformation of wheel or motor.
  • Abrasion of plastic and/or brake parts.
  • Spare parts after the warranty period.
  • Flat tyres
  • Damaged or torn stickers.


The consumer or retailer agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold EleKtro harmless, its subsidiaries, and affiliates against any and all claims, liabilities, injuries, proceedings, losses, costs, and expenses (including reasonable legal fees), regarding but not limited to claims alleging negligence, copyright and/or trademark infringement, and invasion of privacy against EleKtro, its subsidiaries, and affiliates, relating to or due to your breach of these terms, misuse of EleKtro e-scooters and services, or unauthorised modification or alteration of our e-scooters or software.

Warranty Disclaimer

  • EleKtro warrants our customers a limited warranty where our e-scooters are free from defects within the specified period from the date of purchase. Details are covered under Warranty Coverage.
  • Customers understand and agree that EleKtro e-scooters and services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.
  • EleKtro makes no warranty that EleKtro e-scooters and services will meet the customer’s requirements and that EleKtro’s e-scooters and services will be timely, uninterrupted, secure, or error-free.

  • EleKtro doesn’t warrant that EleKtro products, services, or servers are free of viruses or harmful components. EleKtro assumes no responsibility and shall not be held liable for infected EleKtro e-scooters or software.

  • EleKtro’s warranty and warranty disclaimer grants customers specific legal rights, besides your rights, according to your state, province, or country. Other than as permitted by law, EleKtro doesn’t exclude, limit, or suspend the customer’s rights, including those that may arise from the nonconformity of a sales contract.

Limitations of Liability

EleKtro will not be liable in any way for any content, including but not limited to, the loss of content, content errors or omissions, any loss or damage due to the use of or exposure to content posted, emailed, transmitted, accessed, or made available via EleKtro.

EleKtro’s will not be liable for damages, direct losses, loss of life, bodily injury, or health impact shall be precluded, except when it’s due to negligent breaches of contractual duty or obligation by EleKtro.

Warranty Claim

To claim your warranty, kindly return the e-scooter to EleKtro or the retailer where it was purchased. The retailer will then return the e-scooter to EleKtro, and EleKtro will repair, replace, or refurbish the e-scooter. EleKtro or your retailer will inform you when the e-scooter may be claimed.

Please note that the customer bears all costs associated with claiming the warranty, including the cost of the retailer sending the e-scooter to EleKtro.

To submit your warranty claim, kindly accomplish the warranty claim form below. Please put all the required information. After submitting the form, EleKtro will review your claim and arrange for the repair or replacement of your e-scooter as necessary.