Who We Are

Who We Are

EleKtro offers a premium line of electric scooters that cater to different needs and lifestyles. Whether you need a quick city ride or a powerful off-road e-scooter, EleKtro provides industry-leading models in different segments.

Designed with the rider in mind, EleKtro electric scooters incorporate advanced technology, practical design, and meticulous craftsmanship to deliver best-in-class, safe, and convenient rides.

Founded and developed by Preecha Phuangbanyen, the genius behind the leading e-scooter retailer Scooteroo, the brand is no stranger to the e-scooter industry and the needs of riders. Backed by a passionate team and the knowledge of the industry’s inner workings, EleKtro aims to deliver above-standard electric scooters and exceptional customer service, from enquiry to after-sales.


Preecha Phuangbanyen

Preecha Phuangbanyen is the founder and CEO of Scooteroo, one of Australia’s leading retailers of e-scooters and e-rideables. After a successful venture in the e-scooter industry, he now takes another step forward by launching his electric scooter brand, EleKtro.

Equipped with wisdom from past challenges and difficulties, Preecha is prepared to expand the brand’s products and make EleKtro the leading electric scooter brand in Australia.

What We Aim To Do

We strive to design, develop, and launch premium-quality electric scooters that solve the pain points of riders by using state-of-the-art technology, modern designs, and superior materials. We also aim to expand our product lines to other PEVs and become the leading e-rideable brand in Australia.

Why We Do It

We seek to eliminate the dangers and misconceptions of riding e-scooters, promote eco-friendly transport solutions to the public, and make high-quality e-scooters available to everyone.