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A Closer Look at the Smart Feature of the EleKtro City Electric Scooter
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A Closer Look at the Smart Feature of the EleKtro City Electric Scooter

Thanks to technology, many electric scooters now come with advanced e-scooter features that help make rides more convenient, secure, and insightful. Some of these electric scooter features include anti-theft systems and GPS navigation.

Besides these, smartphone connectivity has become one of the most common advanced technologies for shared and private e-scooters. You’ll mostly see app connectivity on higher-end or more expensive rides.

However, EleKtro brings this advanced technology to the EleKtro City, an entry-level electric scooter. As one of the few entry-level rides to offer app connectivity, the EleKtro City instantly stands above the rest in its category.

But what does EleKtro City’s app connectivity feature do? More importantly, is it worth it? Learn more about this EleKtro scooter’s smart feature, and discover other emerging smart e-scooter features below.


EleKtro City App Connectivity Smart Feature

Unlike most entry-level e-scooters, the EleKtro City electric scooter allows you to connect your e-scooter to your smartphone via an app. You can download the app after purchasing this EleKtro scooter.

The QR code is on the last page of the user manual. Simply scan the QR code, and you should arrive at the app’s download page.

After downloading, follow the instructions to connect your EleKtro City to the app. Make sure your Bluetooth connection on the e-scooter and smartphone are turned on.


Locking and Unlocking the E-scooter

Once you’re connected, you can do various things with your e-scooters using the app. One of the e-scooter features you can do includes locking and unlocking the EleKtro City.

Unlike the EleKtro Ultra 8, 8 Pro, and 10 Pro, the EleKtro City doesn’t have an NFC lock. But using the app, you can add extra security to your ride by locking it via the app. This is perfect for riders who always park outside or have kids at home who may play around with the e-scooter.


Controlling the Lights

You may also use the smartphone app to turn the light and atmosphere lamp on and off. Adjust the lights according to your preference right from your fingertips!


Changing the Speed

You can also change your speed mode and activate cruise control via the app. When activating cruise control, activate it on the app and hold the throttle for about five seconds until you hear beeps.


Monitoring Riding Information

The app also enables you to see all your riding information. This includes your speed, battery information, temperature, and manufacture date. It also shows graphs of your used battery percentage, maximum speed, and more.


Upgrading the Firmware

Lastly, it allows you to upgrade your EleKtro City’s firmware to keep it updated with the latest upgrades and developments in its software.

Connecting the EleKtro City to your smartphone allows you to personalise and maximise your ride. With these e-scooter features at your fingertips, EleKtro hopes you’ll have a more convenient, safe, and insightful riding experience.

If you have more questions about our smart app connectivity feature, feel free to contact our team!


The Future of Electric Scooter Smart Features

Connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will become a significant factor in the development of future e-scooters. In fact, we’re already seeing this in many e-scooter models for private and shared e-scooters.

Advanced connectivity features may soon enable riders to have hands-free calls, music streaming, and scooter-to-scooter communication, among many others.

Besides app connectivity, here are other electric scooter features that will redefine micro mobility rides today and in the future.


GPS Navigation System

So far, we see GPS features used in shared e-scooters like Lime and Neuron. However, this electric scooter smart feature only uses GPS to activate and use these shared e-scooters.

It also helps riders avoid permitted areas. When a shared e-scooter goes beyond an e-scooter-safe zone, it’ll automatically shut down to prevent riders from riding in restricted areas.

Lastly, the GPS feature allows you to track a shared e-scooter in real time, allowing you to track its whereabouts in case of theft. Few private e-scooters have this technology yet.

Although GPS e-scooter features already exist in many e-scooters, we may still see further developments in this technology. We can expect to see GPS navigation for e-scooters via the display screen or smartphone app.

Having this feature will give riders real-time directions and turn-by-turn guidance. It’ll also help riders plan routes, explore unfamiliar areas in the city, and safely navigate their trips.


Energy-Saving Systems

Braking systems are one of the most crucial features of electric scooter rides. But some models take it to the next level by incorporating regenerative braking systems to save on battery energy.

This type of braking system turns kinetic energy from an e-scooter in motion into potential or stored energy to decrease the e-scooter’s speed and conserve energy. As a result, you save on battery and get better distance per charge.

Although we can see these already on many e-scooter models, we’ll likely see more of it applied to e-scooters, and we’ll see improvements in its technology for better energy savings.

E-scooter riders may also see other types of energy regeneration systems that are more sustainable and practical.


Wireless Charging

One of the scooter features to watch for is wireless charging in e-scooters. Next-generation models may use inductive charging technology to charge e-scooters anywhere and effortlessly.

Riders only need to park their e-scooter on a charging pad without connecting it to any cable or connector. This technology significantly reduces downtime and makes e-scooter charging more accessible for micro mobility riders.

Voi Technology from the UK is one of the e-scooter companies implementing a trial on wireless e-scooter charging at the University of Warwick. The trial results could reduce operational costs, integrate it efficiently in public, and learn more about wireless systems and user behaviour.


Get a Tech-Ready Ride for Less

The EleKtro City separates itself from other entry-level electric scooters by bringing advanced technology at an affordable price. For only $899, you get app connectivity features to customise your rides, get the most out of your e-scooter, and have a more insightful and seamless riding experience.

If you’re interested in buying this EleKtro scooter but unsure if you can afford it yet, how about you win it instead? Enter our giveaway and win an EleKtro City! Learn how to win a brand-new EleKtro City, and enjoy a tech-ready ride for your daily commutes and city trips.

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