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Electric Scooter Laws in Queensland 2024
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Electric Scooter Laws in Queensland 2024

If you’re planning to own or rent an electric scooter in your city, one important thing to know besides what e-scooter suits you is the e-scooter laws within your city or state. Electric scooter laws in Australia vary per state, and a few don’t allow private or hired e-scooters on public roads and spaces.

If you live in Queensland, you should know the electric scooter laws in Queensland to ensure you don’t buy or rent an illegal e-scooter. Moreover, it’ll help you avoid penalties and keep you safe while riding.

This article provides what you need to know about the electric scooter laws in QLD.

Are Electric Scooters Legal in Queensland?

Riding an electric scooter in Queensland is legal, whether it’s a hired or private ride. However, personal mobility devices like e-scooters must follow the following specs and features:

  • Designed to be used by one person only
  • Has dimensions of 1,250 mm long x 700 mm wide x 1,350 high or 700 mm long x 1,250 mm wide x 1,350 high
  • Has a max weight of 60 kg
  • Uses an electric motor
  • Have one or more wheels
  • Must be fitted with brakes and a working bell or horn
  • Must not have sharp protrusions

If an e-scooter follows these requirements, it’s legal to use in public in Queensland.

In contrast, electric scooter laws in Queensland don’t recognise vehicles with pedals, motorised mobility devices (e.g. mobility scooters or motorised wheelchairs), and wheeled recreational devices (e.g. skateboards, roller skates, and foot scooters) as legal personal mobility devices.

What Are the Electric Scooter Rules in Queensland?

Queensland electric scooter laws implement the following rules to ensure your and others’ safety:

  • Riders must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Riders at least 12 years of age must have adult supervision while riding.
  • Children under 12 years old can’t ride personality mobility devices.
  • Speed limits vary on where you’re riding:
    • Footpaths - 12 kph top speed
    • Shared paths - 12 kph top speed (unless signed otherwise)
    • Separated paths - 25 kph top speed (unless signed otherwise)
    • Bicycle paths - 25 kph top speed (unless signed otherwise)
  • Riders should always keep left of oncoming bicycles and personal mobility devices and give way to pedestrians.
  • Don’t ride in areas with a ‘personal mobility devices prohibited’ sign.
  • Properly wear an Australian Standard-approved bicycle or motorbike helmet while riding.
  • Holding a mobile phone or resting a mobile phone on any part of your body while riding is illegal.
  • When riding at night or in low visibility, your ride should have a white front light, a red rear light, and a red rear reflector.
  • When carrying a load, you must attach it to the e-scooter while still keeping it stable and making sure it doesn’t fall off the e-scooter.
  • Don’t lead an animal while riding an e-scooter or any personal mobility device.
  • Signal when you change direction.
  • You’ll be penalised according to the same fines as motorists if you break these electric scooter laws.

For more information about the electric scooter laws in QLD, check out Queensland’s website.

Do You Need a Licence to Ride Electric Scooters?

Electric scooter laws in QLD don’t require riders to get a licence to ride an e-scooter. However, they must observe e-scooter laws and traffic rules to avoid getting penalised.

Electric Scooter Trials in Queensland

The following areas include ongoing and recently ended electric scooter trials in QLD.


Brisbane was the first city in Australia to introduce shared e-scooters in 2018. It’s also the longest, as November 2023 marks its 5th year of implementation in the city.

Beam and Neuron Mobility are the approved shared e-scooter operators and they operate around Bulimba, Hawthorne, Buranda, Greenslopes, and Holland Park West.

The city also provides parking racks for private e-scooters around Brisbane’s CBD.

Sunshine Coast

Starting May 2023, Neuron Mobility launched an 18-month trial in the Sunshine Coast region. The trial will assess if e-scooters are an ideal transport for the Sunshine Coast region and a good alternative transport for getting around Maroochydore and Mooloolaba. The trial ends on September 30 2024.

Livingstone Shire Council

The council approved a 12-month trial in Yeppoon starting November 2022 with Neuron Mobility as the shared operator. After it ends in 2023, the council will determine if e-scooters are variable in Yeppoon.


Ipswich launched a six-month trial last July with Beam as the approved e-scooter hire operator. It would run in Springfield Central, Spring Mountain and Springfield Lakes. After December 2023, the council will assess its results and community feedback.

Stay Safe While Having Fun

Electric scooter laws in Australia are in place to keep you safe from accidents and injuries on the road. If you live in Queensland and have ongoing electric scooter trials, make sure to know your city’s e-scooter laws to keep yourself safe and avoid getting penalised.

For more information on other state’s laws, check out our ultimate guide on electric scooter laws in Australia.
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