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What Sets Elektro Electric Scooters Apart from the Rest?
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What Sets Elektro Electric Scooters Apart from the Rest?

EleKtro is a recently launched e-scooter brand from the maker of Scooteroo. Despite being new, EleKtro electric scooters are steadily penetrating the market and the community.

However, with so many local and international e-scooter brands in Australia, what makes EleKtro different from the rest?

Here’s why this brand is possibly the next-best electric scooter in Australia.

Practical Design and Durable Build Quality

While the EleKtro scooter models don’t have more striking features than other brands, its design focuses more on practicality and durability.

EleKtro e-scooters sport an all-black exterior accented by its white branding and deck lights. These e-scooters use strong aluminium alloy, a lightweight but highly durable material. As a result, these e-scooters can take on any weather condition.

The brand’s design also focuses on practicality. For example, the EleKtro Ultra 8 and EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro feature an adjustable stem and foldable handlebars. These adjustable features make it easy for riders to find their most comfortable and stable riding position and store their units in tight spaces.

EleKtro always considers the riders when developing e-scooters, adding features to make commuting more practical and comfortable for anyone.

Above-average Specs

EleKtro offers four e-scooter models that suit different needs and lifestyles, and each model provides specs above its class.

For example, the EleKtro City has a motor power of 400 W. Most lightweight, entry-level e-scooters use around 300 W motors or less.

Because of its higher motor output, the EleKtro City can produce speeds of up to 30 kph (capped at 25 kph due to e-scooter law) and a distance of up to 40 km, better than most of its peers.

This also applies to the EleKtro Ultra Series as each model offers higher motor outputs, speeds (restricted to 25 kph), and range than most e-scooters in their class.

EleKtro produces e-scooters with high specs and innovative features to show the brand’s standard of quality. As a result, riders get more for every penny they spend.

Smart Use of Technology

Most e-scooter models use some form of advanced technology, from a smart LCD screen to regenerative braking systems. Meanwhile, EleKtro uses technology for security and style.

All e-scooters under the EleKtro Ultra Series feature an NFC lock. NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and NFC technology uses short-range wireless communication. It’s the same technology you use when tapping or using your smartphone to pay via Google Pay or Apple Pay.

However, in EleKtro’s case, their e-scooters use NFC technology to lock and unlock the e-scooter using a key card. With this system in place, riders have an extra layer of security to protect their e-scooters from theft or anyone using their e-scooters without their permission.

This feature gives the rider a sense of security and peace, knowing their e-scooter will be safe when parking outside. However, EleKtro recommends that riders keep securely locking their e-scooters to prevent e-scooter theft.

Besides this, EleKtro uses technology to add style to the Ultra 10 Pro. This EleKtro electric scooter features bright 360° stem and deck lights that can be controlled via an app. It’s the only e-scooter in the Ultra series with an all-around and app-based lighting system.

EleKtro scooters offer riders a more secure and personalised riding experience with these technologies. These are features you don’t see in most commuter electric scooters in Australia.

An Experienced and Dedicated Team

EleKtro may be a new brand, but the team behind it isn’t—especially its founder Preecha Phuangbanyen.

Preecha is the Founder and CEO of Scooteroo and EleKtro, so he’s no stranger to the e-scooter industry. After sharing his love of e-scooters with others by establishing Scooteroo, Preecha now takes it one step further by developing his e-scooter brand. 

Equipped with the wisdom of entrepreneurship and the knowledge of the e-scooter market, Preecha formed a team dedicated to their craft and committed to providing excellent EleKtro electric scooters and customer service.

Growing Popularity

Since EleKtro’s launch, the brand has been steadily growing, selling out units quickly. 

In a matter of months, EleKtro’s orders have increased. After 150 units of the EleKtro 8 Pro and Ultra 8 dropped off in April, the EleKtro 8 Pro almost sold out within two weeks.

EleKtro even had a mate from Uber Eats buy an Ultra 8 Pro electric commuter scooter for his deliveries. This shows how much EleKtro has caught the eye of commuters and those who need a quick transport for work. 

Although EleKtro isn’t quite there yet when it comes to popularity, we believe in the capabilities and quality of our electric scooters.

As the brand continues developing innovative e-scooters to solve commuters’ pain points, our products will speak for themselves.


What Sets EleKtro Apart From the Rest?

Overall, EleKtro prioritises attention to quality, understands the value of customer service, and has the vision to make high-quality e-scooters available to everyone.

Ultimately, we aim to be a promising brand that makes a mark on the e-scooter and PMD industry.

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