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Carrying your stuff can be a hassle while riding your e-scooter. Although you can wear a bag, it can feel uncomfortable and heavy on your body while riding.

That's why we're introducing the EleKtro electric scooter bag, a more convenient and comfortable solution for carrying your valuables. 

The EleKtro electric scooter bag can:

Carry several items, including your smartphone, keys, and other valuables 
Protect your valuables from shock and compression 
Wrap tightly onto your e-scooter, no matter its shape and size 

  • Rainfall Fabric: This material reduces the infiltration of rainwater.
  • Hard Shell Design: The anti-pressure design protects the contents of the bag.
  • Adjustable Strap: It has a quick release frame that's suitable for a 20-45 mm diameter car tube.