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E-scooter Maintenance Guide: Keeping Your EleKtro Electric Scooter in Top Shape
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E-scooter Maintenance Guide: Keeping Your EleKtro Electric Scooter in Top Shape

After buying your brand-new EleKtro electric scooter, what should you do now?

You may freely ride and enjoy your e-scooter wherever possible, but remember that becoming an e-scooter owner comes with responsibilities. If you don’t care for your EleKtro e-scooter, it could be damaged easily and not last for its intended shelf life.

Whether you’re a first-time e-scooter owner or a seasoned rider who wants to learn more about maintaining their unit, this e-scooter maintenance guide will share tips and insights on keeping your EleKtro e-scooter in top condition and prolonging its lifespan.

As a trusted electric scooter brand, EleKtro delivers durable and reliable rides that’ll last longer than other brands. However, your EleKtro ride can still receive damage, as with other e-scooter models.

Check out these EleKtro scooter care tips to maintain your ride, prevent serious damage, and prolong its lifespan.


The Importance of Maintaining an Electric Scooter

Before tackling the maintenance tips, you must first understand the importance of proper EleKtro electric scooter maintenance.

For one, knowing how to maintain an e-scooter allows you to become more familiar with its components. When you learn the parts of an e-scooter and how they work, you can spot damages or inconsistencies easily and repair them immediately. Plus, spotting early signs of damage or wearing helps you reduce repair costs.

Besides these, maintaining your electric scooter regularly helps remove dust, dirt, and grime build-up, improves your e-scooter’s battery life, reduces e-scooter tire problems, and extends your e-scooter’s life expectancy.

Overall, keeping your EleKtro e-scooter in good condition enables your ride to function effectively and efficiently, keeping you safe on every trip.


Maintenance Checklist For EleKtro Scooters

To take care of your EleKtro scooter, you must first know which parts need to be maintained. Preventive maintenance for EleKtro electric scooters begins with caring for the battery, tires, and main body.

These are the central components that are often prone to damage. As a result, these are the parts we’ll discuss below.

Before going into the details per component, here are some general quick tips to maintain your e-scooter’s overall condition:

  • Charge your battery regularly; don’t store it at zero per cent.
  • Regularly clean your e-scooter.
  • Always check each component and bolt before riding.
  • Avoid riding in wet or hazardous weather conditions.

After knowing these general maintenance tips, let’s dive deeper into maintaining each important e-scooter component. 


Battery Maintenance for EleKtro Scooters

Extending the lifespan of EleKtro e-scooters relies heavily on an efficient battery system. The most important part of an electric scooter is its battery since it’s the part that fuels the device.

To take care of your electric scooter battery, here are some tips to maintain its efficiency and prolong its lifespan.

  • Avoid depleting your e-scooter battery to zero per cent.
  • Always charge your battery before or after use. Charge it as soon as possible if it’s completely depleted.
  • Unplug the charger when the battery reaches 100%; don’t let it sit there too long.
  • Use the original or official charger for the unit. If the charger is difficult to get, use a similar one with the correct voltage.
  • Store the e-scooter at the recommended temperature; don’t store it in a place that’s too hot or cold, as extreme temperatures affect battery capacity.

Remember that any battery will naturally reduce its capacity to hold a charge as time passes. The best way to slow down this process is by charging and storing your e-scooter battery properly.


Tire Care for EleKtro E-scooters

The tires are another crucial component of an e-scooter. Without the tires, your e-scooter can’t go to places. Plus, proper tire pressure enables your e-scooter to travel efficiently, smoothly, and safely.

Start by checking your tire’s recommended tire pressure. Tire pressure refers to the amount of air inside the tire. Each tire has its ideal pressure, so check your e-scooter manual for the correct tire pressure for your ride.

If it’s not in the manual, check the side of your tires, as the tire pressure’s PSI (pound-force per square inch) is usually embossed on it.

Overall, proper tire pressure reduces the risk of a flat tire and improves your speed and riding experience.

Besides this, ensure to regularly check your pneumatic tires for any punctures so that air doesn’t leak. For solid tires, check for any damages before riding to ensure you’ll have a safe and smooth riding experience.


Maintaining Safety Features on EleKtro Scooters

The safety features of an e-scooter include the brake and lights. These must be in optimal condition before riding to ensure your safety on the road.

Prevention is a must to avoid any serious EleKtro e-scooter troubleshooting and concerns. Here are some tips to ensure your brakes are working properly.

  • Inspect the brakes on the wheels and look for any obstruction.
  • If you can take it out, remove the brake pads and check for wear and tear. Replace thin pads.
  • See if brake cables show signs of corrosion or fraying. Replace it accordingly.
  • Check if the disc brakes are loose and adjust them accordingly. Don’t make it too tight or too loose.
  • Test your brakes before travelling, checking if it’s responsive and has a strong bite.

For the lights, test all the lights fitted on your e-scooter to ensure they’re working properly. Don’t use a busted light for your safety and to avoid incurring penalties with the law.


Cleaning and Lubricating EleKtro E-scooter Parts

When cleaning your e-scooter, use a damp rag to wipe off the components' dust, dirt, and grime. Never wash it like a car by splashing water on it. Even if it has a high IP rating, don’t attempt to pour water on your e-scooter to avoid damaging the electrical wirings and metal parts.

To get rid of stubborn dirt, use an all-purpose cleaner to wide it away. Remember to wipe gently and avoid wiping damp cloth near the electronics and batteries. If you must clean them or near it, use a clean, dry cloth.

When lubricating the chain, start using a degreaser to wipe any dirt or excess oil on it before applying new oil. Then, wipe any excess oil on the chain using a clean, dry cloth. Besides the chain, you also need to lubricate the folding mechanism and shock absorber.

When lubricating, avoid getting oil near the brake system. Lubricating ensures that all moving parts turn smoothly and efficiently, keeping you safe while riding and maximising your e-scooter’s performance. 


EleKtro E-scooter Storage Tips

Extending the lifespan of EleKtro e-scooters and other e-scooter brands also depends on how you store them. For one, you need to store it somewhere safe, free from any material or situation where it could catch fire, get wet, or become damaged.

Also, avoid storing it in a place with extreme temperatures or under direct sunlight. The extreme temperatures can reduce the battery’s charge capacity and damage the other e-scooter components. Instead, store your e-scooter in a dry, clean place away from sunlight.


Regular Maintenance Schedule for EleKtro Scooters

When should you check or maintain e-scooter parts? Here’s a quick list of the recommended maintenance frequency for the following e-scooter components.

    • Weekly: Tire pressure 
  • Monthly: Battery, electrical system (during rainy season)
  • Every 3 Months: Brake, suspension system, electrical system, headlight, taillight, screw, bolt, mirrors, and horn
  • Every 6 Months: Wiring
  • As Needed: Battery replacement, tire replacement, brake pad replacement, cleaning, lubrication
  • If you feel there’s something wrong with your e-scooter, don’t hesitate to check it immediately or call the help of a professional. EleKtro offers repair and maintenance services to ensure your EleKtro e-scooter is in top condition.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Electric Scooters Hard to Maintain?

    Unlike cars and motorcycles, electric scooters are easier to maintain since they have fewer parts. However, you must still clean it regularly, ensure all parts are working properly, and be careful while riding to prolong its lifespan.


    What Is the Shelf Life of Electric Scooters?

    Private electric scooters generally last up to three years or more if you take care of them well. Meanwhile, the average lifespan of ride-share e-scooters is nine to 18 months.


    Are EleKtro E-scooter Batteries Removable?

    No. You can’t remove EleKtro batteries. If you need help replacing your battery, feel free to book a service or repair appointment. Also, check out our FAQs page for more information about EleKtro e-scooters and our services.


    Book an EleKtro E-scooter Servicing Today

    EleKtro offers professional servicing for EleKtro e-scooters to help our customers maintain their rides and make the most of their units. Some of our services include replacing worn parts on EleKtro e-scooters, fixing a faulty or blown fuse, adjusting loose brakes, and more.

    Plus, EleKtro also caters to other e-scooter brands and models. So, even if you don’t own an EleKtro e-scooter but need repairs for your ride, our team of expert technicians can fix it!

    Book a service and repair appointment via our website and wait for our team to contact you. If you have any concerns about our services or e-scooters, feel free to contact our team, and we’ll be glad to help!
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