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Electric Scooter Parts: What Are Swingarm Suspensions?
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Electric Scooter Parts: What Are Swingarm Suspensions?

A suspension is one of the most vital electric scooter parts for high-performance electric scooters. Since these types of scooters take on rough terrain, they need a suspension system for better ride quality.

Among the different electric scooter suspension types, one of the most popular suspensions used is a swingarm suspension. It’s often found in motorcycles, but it has now made its way to electric scooters, as some high-performance electric scooters use this type of suspension.

If you’re unfamiliar with this type of suspension, this guide will give the basics of swingarm suspensions and their advantages and help you decide if you should get an e-scooter with this suspension type.

What Is a Swingarm Suspension?

Dual Swingarm Suspensions of the EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro

A swingarm, also known as a pivoted fork, swing fork, or swinging arm, is a mechanical component connecting the electric scooter’s body and wheel. This connection enables the e-scooter to move vertically, take on heavy loads, and accept lateral forces when cornering.

Most high-performance or off-road electric scooters use this type of suspension for its stability, efficiency, and shock absorption.

This type of suspension also comes in two types: single-sided and double-sided.

Single-sided Swingarm Suspension

As its name suggests, a single-sided swingarm only connects to one side of the tyre. You’ll usually find these on expensive bikes, but some e-scooter models also incorporate a single-sided swingarm suspension.

Some prefer a single-sided swingarm since it’s cool to look at and easy to remove the wheel. However, one downside is that it’s expensive, so it’s only seen in expensive, high-performance e-scooters.

Double-sided Swingarm Suspension

Double-sided swingarms hold the tyre on both sides, hence the name. It comes in different shapes: box, tubular, and banana type.

Unlike the single-sided swingarm, this one is often used in conventional e-scooters and bikes. For example, the Elektro Ultra series uses a double-sided swingarm suspension. Also, compared to its counterpart, the double-sided swingarm suspension is less expensive and easier to build, making it the more usual option.

Regardless of which type of swingarm suspension you choose, both provide comfort and stability for heavy-duty e-scooter riding.

How Does a Swingarm Suspension Work?

A swingarm suspension connects the e-scooter’s body and wheel to support it on uneven roads. Specifically, it’s holding the rear axle to help absorb the shock and help it move vertically smoothly.

This type of suspension is also strong and stiff to withstand high speeds and heavy weight. Its durability also enables you to be stable while riding on rough terrain and handle the e-scooter easier. It’s also designed to control the stress or pressure the e-scooter makes when turning and braking. 

Overall, the swingarm suspension’s simple design lets you take on various terrains without worry.

What Are the Advantages of a Swingarm Suspension?

Shock Absorption

A swingarm suspension scooter is designed to absorb bumps when passing through uneven roads. It enables the body to slightly go up and down to reduce the impact and make your ride more comfortable. That’s why it’s often used in high-performance electric scooters.

Better Handling

Swingarm suspensions also help the e-scooter handle heavy weights and extra pressure, especially when cornering. When riding at high speeds on rough roads, the suspension helps keep your ride stable and enables you to steer well.

Improved Riding Experience

The swingarm suspension design supports your overall riding experience. It absorbs bumps on the road to reduce rattling and make it more comfortable. Plus, it stabilises rides, especially at high speeds, to make road navigation easy.

Do You Need Suspension for Electric Scooters?

Not all electric scooters need a suspension system, especially if it’s an entry-level city ride like the Elektro City. Lighter e-scooter with less motor power and performance don’t need a suspension since they’ll be used on smoother roads and lower inclines.

However, if you need a heavy-duty and high-speed e-scooter, suspensions are a must. Large, heavy, and high-speed rides will be difficult to ride if it doesn’t have a suspension. Plus, it’ll make the e-scooter stiff and unstable while riding, resulting in rattling and difficulty in steering. Ultimately, your overall riding experience will be affected.

Electric Scooters With a Dual Swingarm Suspension

The EleKtro Ultra series uses front and rear swingarm suspension. Specifically, it uses a double-sided swingarm. Learn more about each EleKtro scooter below.

1. EleKtro Ultra 8

The EleKtro Ultra 8 offers a compact sport electric scooter built for long rides and most terrains. Besides dual swingarm suspensions, it features an NFC security lock, adjustable stem, foldable handlebars, and 360° deck lights. This combination of features makes it a unique model focusing on convenience, safety, and security.

This dual-suspension electric scooter also comes with a 600 W single motor that delivers up to 50 kph (restricted to 25 kph as per electric scooter law in Australia) and up to 55 km. Thanks to its durable build, it’s designed to ride through most terrains and withstand a max load of 120 kg.

Overall, the EleKtro Ultra 8 electric scooter provides above-average quality, performance, and security for a well-rounded everyday ride.


2. EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro

The EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro electric scooter takes the Ultra 8 and upgrades it to a more powerful ride. It also features dual swingarm suspensions, an NFC lock, all-around deck lights, foldable handlebars, and an adjustable stem.

However, unlike the Ultra 8, the Ultra 8 Pro uses dual 600 W motors that help it deliver up to 55 kph (restricted to 25 kph as per law). Also, since it uses dual motors, it’s slightly heavier than the Ultra 8 at 24 kg.

The EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro is perfect for riders who need extra speed and power when riding on private property. Due to e-scooter laws and for your safety, we only recommend using the e-scooter’s top speed within private property and under safe conditions.


3. EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro

The EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro offers the ultimate city and off-road for commuters who want a powerful ride built for all terrains. But it goes beyond your typical off-road e-scooter since it features an NFC security lock, an app-controlled all-around deck light system, and a one-clamp spring load folding mechanism for easy storage. 

Plus, its dual swingarm suspensions and 10” x 3” all-terrain tyres help you take on various terrains, from city roads to off-road terrains. Regarding its specs, it uses powerful dual 1,200 W motors that deliver up to 70 kph (restricted to 25 kph as per law) and up to 90 km. It can also handle inclines of up to 30°.

Overall, the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro electric scooter provides class-leading build quality and top-notch specs that rival other popular high-performance models in the market. Consider getting the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro if you need a powerful ride with security and tech features.


Electric Scooter Maintenance for Suspensions

The suspension is one of the most crucial electric scooter parts since it improves your overall riding experience. So, maintain it regularly to keep it in top shape.

Electric scooter maintenance for this component depends on your suspension type. Still, you must periodically check its bolts and screws, lubricate its components, and replace damaged parts. When checking your suspension, see if it’s making noises or becoming less effective in cushioning shocks and bumps on the road. 

Ideally, seek the help of a professional to check your suspension to make sure it’s in top condition. If you don’t have time to go to an electric scooter repair shop, you can ship your e-scooter to EleKtro!

We offer electric scooter repair and maintenance services to all e-scooter models at our headquarters at EleKtro, 230 Great Eastern Highway, Ascot, WA 6104. Simply book a service or repair schedule, and our team will get back to you for more details.


Should You Buy an Electric Scooter with Swingarm Suspension?

If you’re looking for a ride that can go high speeds and long distances, opt for a high-performance or compact sport electric scooter with swingarm suspension. Generally, any type of suspension will do.

But if you need a suspension that provides excellent shock absorption, better handling, and overall riding experience, consider getting swingarm suspensions like the EleKtro Ultra series. 

And if you’re looking for electric scooter parts in Australia, consider shopping parts and accessories at Scooteroo.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn about other electric scooter parts, check out our guide to NFC locks for e-scooters.

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