Electric Scooter Parts: The Types of Electric Scooter Brakes

Among the electric scooter parts, the electric scooter brakes are one of its most crucial components since they’ll keep you safe on the road. Whether you’re considering buying an e-scooter...

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Electric Scooter Parts: What Are Swingarm Suspensions?

A suspension is one of the most vital electric scooter parts for high-performance electric scooters. Since these types of scooters take on rough terrain, they need a suspension system for...

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Electric Scooter Parts: What Is an NFC Lock for E-scooters?

As owning e-scooters became more popular, cases of e-scooter theft also increased. These thefts often happen in public places like shopping centres and gyms, leaving many riders. To prevent e-scooter...

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