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Electric Scooter Parts: What Is an NFC Lock for E-scooters?

Electric Scooter Parts: What Is an NFC Lock for E-scooters?

As owning e-scooters became more popular, cases of e-scooter theft also increased. These thefts often happen in public places like shopping centres and gyms, leaving many riders.

To prevent e-scooter theft, many e-scooter manufacturers add features to aid in preventing theft. One of these features is a built-in NFC lock.

But what are these security locks, and are they effective in keeping thieves away? This article explores electric scooter NFC locks, plus tips to secure your e-scooter in public.

What is an NFC Lock?

This type of security lock uses Near-field communication (NFC) technology, enabling wireless communication between two devices. As its name suggests, the devices should be near each other to work.

It’s usually embedded in a small tag, helping it to transfer data between nearby devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets. Besides e-scooters, NFC locks are commonly used in smart door locks and contactless payments on smartphones like Google Pay and Apple Pay.


NFC and RFID technology uses similar technology but is still different from each other. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) precedes NFC technology and is a one-way, contactless communication that can be activated or used at varying distances.

RFIDs are commonly installed as an anti-theft system for expensive products in shops and as an inventory tracker for manufacturing, apparel, automotive, and healthcare industries.

How Do NFC Locks Work in E-scooters?

EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro NFC Lock on Dashboard

An NFC e-scooter lock is often located on the dashboard near the monitor, and it includes a built-in receiver with an NFC chip inside. For example, the EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro above has the NFC lock below the monitor with a “card” icon and text to indicate where to tap the key card.

The chip locks and unlocks the e-scooter when an NFC key card is waved or pressed on the receiver. The key card is unique to the receiver, ensuring that only this card can access the e-scooter. Based on the photo above, the EleKtro key cards are quite small, making them easy to bring anywhere.

Note that these chips need the energy to run. However, it uses very little energy and only requires a few batteries to last years. Meanwhile, the key cards don’t need power to activate, making them passive NFC devices. Through electromagnetic induction, the receiver or active device uses magnetism to transmit energy to the passive NFC device from afar and cause it to relay its NFC ID.

Can an NFC Smart Lock Protect Your E-scooter?

An electric scooter NFC lock provides better protection than a key-lock ignition since those are prone to lockpicking. Also, a button or press-type of ignition makes it easy for anyone to access and use your e-scooter, even kids.

Meanwhile, an NFC lock prevents thieves from picking the lock and ensures that only those who have the key card can access them.

However, note that NFC smart locks only serve as a simple barrier to protect your e-scooter from unauthorised use, such as thieves or children. So, you must still secure your e-scooter properly when parking in public to prevent theft.

Also, try not to lose the keycards, as it’s the only way to access your e-scooter. Also, don’t let it get into the wrong hands to prevent others from accessing your ride.

While an NFC lock definitely helps strengthen your e-scooter’s security, remember that it’s not an end-all solution to e-scooter theft.

Tips to Protect Your E-scooter from Theft

An NFC e-scooter lock adds extra protection to your e-scooter by only giving the rider access to the unit. However, here are more safety tips to completely secure your ride, especially when parked outside.

Invest in a Good E-scooter Lock

Electric scooter locks, like bicycle locks, provide the best protection when parking in public spaces. These locks come in different types: chain lock, cable lock, and U-lock.

Chain locks offer the highest level of security for your e-scooters, thanks to their heavy and durable build. Cable locks are also ideal since it’s more portable and features a combination lock, padlock or loop. Lastly, a U-lock prevents your e-scooter from being stolen by anchoring your unit to a pole or rack.

Choose the e-scooter lock that suits your security needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Use a Wireless Audible Alarm

You can attach an alarm to your e-scooter in case it gets stolen. Wireless anti-theft alarms are usually equipped with a vibration-sensitive sensor that produces a loud sound when triggered. Most wireless alarms are affordable, so invest in one to let others know when your e-scooter is being stolen.

Park Wisely

Where you park your e-scooter is also a significant factor to protect your unit. At home, avoid leaving your e-scooter outside. If you have a garage or shed, store it there. If you live in an apartment, you may keep it under tables or inside closet spaces since e-scooters are portable.

When parking outside, look for designated parking spots for e-scooters or bicycles. Also, park your e-scooter in a well-lit area near plenty of people. If possible, look for areas that have a CCTV camera. Ultimately, store your electric scooter indoors whenever possible.

Secure Your E-scooter Properly

Even if you’re using a high-security lock, your e-scooter won’t be safe outside if you don’t secure it properly.

When tying or locking your e-scooter, try threading the chain or cable lock through the back wheel and locking it on a pole, rack, or other solid, immovable object. Ensure the pole or object is tall enough to prevent thieves from lifting your e-scooter and sliding off the lock.

For extra protection, use multiple locks on your e-scooter, such as a chain lock for your rear wheel and a U-lock for the front wheel. Ultimately, wrap and tie your locks as tight as possible to keep your e-scooter in place.

Should You Buy an Electric Scooter With an NFC Lock?

Getting an e-scooter with an NFC lock adds extra protection to your ride. Not all e-scooters offer this feature, so if you’re concerned about security, it’s best to buy an e-scooter with this technology.

If you’re looking for e-scooters with an NFC lock, check out the EleKtro Ultra 8, Ultra 8 Pro, and Ultra 10 Pro. The EleKtro Ultra collection features an easy-tap NFC lock with two pocket-sized key cards.

If you need a practical commuter electric scooter, check out the EleKtro Ultra 8. Meanwhile, explore the Elektro Ultra 8 Pro if you need more speed and power for your rides (top speed recommended for private property only). Lastly, if you need a powerful and extra durable ride for city rides and off-roading, choose the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro.

Regardless of your ride, invest in the right e-scooter locks and accessories, and learn to secure your e-scooter when parking to protect your ride from theft.

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