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Explore the 5 Main Features of the EleKtro City Electric Scooter
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Explore the 5 Main Features of the EleKtro City Electric Scooter

Most commuters look for a lightweight and practical commuter electric scooter for daily trips to work or school. However, portable e-scooters often lack the performance to go far distances, climb slopes, and ride through most terrains. As a result, some lightweight e-scooters don’t last long.

EleKtro wants to change this with the EleKtro City, a portable ride without sacrificing performance and build quality. The EleKtro City offers a durable build, decent specs for its class, and practical features that make commutes hassle-free.

If you’re interested in the EleKtro City, explore the five main features that separate it from the rest, and see why it’s one of the best e-scooters for urban transportation.

A Durable Aluminium Build

The EleKtro City may be a 13-kg ride, but this lightweight commuter electric scooter features an ultra-strong aluminium alloy.

Because of its material and design, this e-scooter can carry up to 100 kg of total load. The average Australian man weighs 87 kg, while the average Australian woman weighs 72 kg, so most people can ride the EleKtro City without worrying about the maximum load. Even when you’re carrying a bag with you, this ride can still carry enough weight and travel without any problems.

However, note that rider weight plays a role in your e-scooter’s performance, as it can affect how much power the motor must exert to keep you moving. Nonetheless, the EleKtro City won’t break down easily because it’s built to perform despite its light weight and compact size. 

Lastly, the EleKtro City sports 10-inch pneumatic tyres, cushioning your rides. Although pneumatic tyres are generally prone to punctures, EleKtro ensures that your tyres won’t give out easily on slightly rough or uneven roads.

Overall, consider the EleKtro City if you need a highly-durable but portable ride for your daily trips.

A Capable 400 W Motor

Many commuter electric scooters for the same price provide a motor with less than 400 W power, making the EleKtro City a better investment in terms of performance.

Its motor produces a speed of up to 30 kph (set at 25 kph by default to comply with Australian e-scooter laws) and enables the EleKtro City to climb up to 15° slopes. Motors with 250 W of power generally struggle with inclines, resulting in a fast-draining battery.

However, the EleKtro City uses a 400 W motor, allowing you to take on many roads and inclines without losing performance. It also features a single motor to keep its weight light for most riders.

Consider getting the EleKtro City if you need enough speed and power to ride through most paths and inclines.

A Reliable Drum Brake System

Safety is always a priority regardless of what type of e-scooter you use. That’s why the EleKtro City includes a drum brake system to keep you safe on the road.

Drum brakes are traditional brakes enclosed inside the wheel hub. They’re commonly used in e-scooters, especially in commuter electric scooters. This system works by having pads push the brake’s surface and create friction, slowing the wheel to a halt.

EleKtro City’s brakes provide strong and responsive braking power, allowing you to react immediately during emergencies. It also provides consistent performance even in wet conditions.

Moreover, it’s perfect for riders who need a low-maintenance ride since the drum brakes hide behind the wheel hub, keeping itself away from external factors that can damage it. As a result, you get a long-lasting, reliable braking system.

Smart LCD Screen and App Connectivity 

The EleKtro City features a sleek and minimalist display, showing your current speed, battery level, and gear mode at a glance.

The screen is a bit small, but its size was designed to keep the e-scooter’s dimensions compact. Also, monitoring your riding information isn’t a problem since the screen is big and bright enough to clearly see your stats on a sunny day.

Besides this, the EleKtro City offers a feature you don’t usually see in entry-level electric scooters. It allows you to connect your e-scooter to your smartphone via an app.

Using your smartphone, you can check your current speed, set your riding mode, control your e-scooter lights, activate cruise control, see your battery information, and more. Overall, this feature makes it easy for anyone to monitor their rider information right at their fingertips.

Practical Removable Grips

A good handlebar grip gives you better control while manoeuvring your e-scooter, especially on slippery roads. That’s why the EleKtro City features an anti-slip, ergonomic grip to keep your hand firmly on the handlebars, make your grip more comfortable, and help you steer the e-scooter better.

The removable grips also make the e-scooter more compact when stored. With its grips detached, you can store it inside large lockers, under tables, in a small shed, or tight spaces.

Finally, since the grips are removable, you can change them with another grip you prefer. However, we highly recommend keeping our grips as it’s ergonomically designed for better grip and comfort.

Overall, this small feature makes a difference in how you ride and store the EleKtro City.

Who Needs the EleKtro City Electric Scooter?

The EleKtro City electric scooter is perfect for people who value practicality with their commutes.

It’s also for commuters who want a quick and efficient ride without sacrificing speed, distance, and power. Although it has less power than the EleKtro 8 or the EleKtro 10 Pro, it’s enough to cover short distances or daily trips and to get you through most city terrains.

Ultimately, get the EleKtro City if you want a lightweight, compact, and highly capable ride.

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