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Introducing the EleKtro Electric Scooter Repair and Services
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Introducing the EleKtro Electric Scooter Repair and Services

Regardless if your electric scooter has solid exterior and premium parts, electric scooter repairs and maintenance are inevitable. E-scooters will gradually break down as you use them, especially if you don’t care for them properly.

That’s why EleKtro extends its services by providing an electric scooter repair shop to e-scooter riders in Australia.

If you’re thinking, “What if there’s no EleKtro electric scooter repair near me?” you can actually ship your e-scooter to our office, as we accept repairs across Australia.

To schedule an appointment, book a service or repair via our website, and choose your preferred date and time. Please note that we’re open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Saturday.

You can find our office or ship your unit to Elektro, 230 Great Eastern Highway, Ascot, WA 6104.

EleKtro accepts all types of electric scooter models and repairs, from the brakes to the battery. We also provide electric scooter service maintenance to keep your e-scooter in top condition. Our professional mechanics are trained to handle your unit with the utmost care.

Our base hourly fee starts at $95, and the total electric scooter maintenance cost may vary depending on the repair needed. Also, keep in mind that repairs may take time based on the damage or repair.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our electric scooter repair service, please feel free to contact us or call us at 0861138951.

The 5 Most Common Electric Scooter Repairs

Here are common e-scooter repairs most owners experience. If you encounter any of these or other concerns, you may ship your unit to EleKtro, and we’ll help you out!

You may also look at the user manual for quick fixes or “first aid” solutions to your e-scooters. But your best bet is to bring it to a professional as soon as possible.

Changing a Punctured Tyre

All air-filled or pneumatic tyres are prone to puncturing, no matter how thick the tyres may be. Plus, if you often use them on rough roads, there’s a higher chance of leaving a hole in them.

If you encounter this problem, one way to quickly fix a small hole is by applying a tyre sealant. However, if the hole is too big, it’s best to replace it in an electric scooter repair shop.

Although others change the tyres themselves, we highly recommend having professionals replace your tyres instead, especially if you have no background or experience in handling e-scooters.

Ultimately, bringing your e-scooter for tyre replacement is safer and more convenient.

Servicing Electric Scooter Brakes

If your e-scooter brakes have become less responsive or are not working, we highly recommend having them checked and repaired by mechanics to keep you safe on the road.

Some people replace disc and foot brakes independently since they have exposed parts. However, it’s difficult for some to replace drum brakes, as they’re located within the wheels, like the EleKtro City.

Regardless of your brake type, it’s best to let a professional at EleKtro handle it.

Fixing a Faulty Controller

The controller or motherboard is the most important e-scooter part since it connects your unit's motor, battery, and other components. 

The controller becomes faulty when you push an e-scooter beyond its speed and maximum load. A defective controller can lead to melted cables, burnt components, and a blown fuse.

As soon as your controls don't act right or you smell burning within your e-scooter, it’s best to turn it off, bring it to an electric scooter repair shop, and have a mechanic fix them.

Don’t risk dealing with this on your own, as it’s not safe.

Repairing a Blown Fuse

If your e-scooter isn’t turning on, one possible reason is a blown fuse, and it’s often caused by overloading. Meanwhile, a blown fuse can also damage the motor and speed controller, especially if it happens often.

If this happens to you, have it checked by an e-scooter technician immediately. If it still doesn’t turn on, bring it to a mechanic who will likely replace your broken fuse.

Remember that it’s dangerous for you to touch parts within the e-scooter, especially in the event of a broken fuse. Let the professionals handle it for your safety.


Replacing a Defective Battery

Lastly, it’s common for batteries to stop charging when you use an e-scooter daily for long periods after a long time.

In this case, check if the battery or charger is at fault. If the charger no longer charges when plugged into a different socket and e-scooter, you must replace it.

Otherwise, the e-scooter battery is at fault, and you must bring it to an electric scooter repair shop to buy and replace a new battery.

What Happens When I Bring My Unit for an Electric Scooter Maintenance Near Me?

When you bring your unit for electric scooter service maintenance, mechanics inspect every part of your e-scooter to check your e-scooter’s condition. It includes checking the tyres, brakes, battery, suspension, lights, screws, and visible damages.

After checking, the mechanic will perform maintenance services like tightening screws and brakes, pumping the right tyre air pressure, and more. Also, the technician may recommend additional services depending on the diagnosis.

Ultimately, dropping off your e-scooter to an electric scooter repair shop like EleKtro ensures that your e-scooter is in good hands.

Just keep in mind that the maintenance cost of an electric scooter depends on the type of service required and how long it might take. Rest assured that it won’t be too expensive since electric scooter repairs are generally cheaper than car repairs and maintenance.

Why Should You Come to EleKtro for Electric Scooter Service and Repair?

Instead of repairing your e-scooter in a bike shop or non-EV repair service, go to a legitimate electric scooter repair shop like EleKtro.

You can also search for “electric scooter repairs near me” on Google to find shops near you. If you’re not near the EleKtro office, you can ship it to our location for your convenience.

Remember that fixing it on your own can damage your e-scooter and risk your safety, especially if you have no experience handling and repairing e-scooters. 

Our team of professional mechanics know their way around an e-scooter and are trained to handle it with care. Moreover, it’s best to let a professional look at your e-scooter to keep you and your e-scooter safe. So, we hope you can entrust your e-scooter to us.

Lastly, if you need help with any EleKtro electric scooters, contact our headquarters immediately to receive the best possible care and service. After all, we have the parts you'll need, so you don’t need to wait for them to be shipped from suppliers unless they’re out of stock.

Overall, choose the EleKtro electric scooter repair shop in Western Australia if you need quality servicing from expert mechanics who handle e-scooters with care.

Meanwhile, check out the EleKtro blog for articles on electric scooter maintenance guides, e-scooter news, and tips. Don’t forget to follow our official EleKtro Facebook page and EleKtro Instagram account for our latest deals and promos.
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