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Here's a Sneak Peek of Upcoming EleKtro E-scooters
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Here's a Sneak Peek of Upcoming EleKtro E-scooters

The year 2023 is just one quarter away from ending, but EleKtro still has a few surprises up its sleeves!

EleKtro recently launched their latest e-scooter, the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro+. It’s an upgraded version of the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro, offering higher specs and new features.

Besides this new release, the Australian e-scooter brand already has a lineup of e-scooters waiting to be launched until the end of the year.

From commuting electric scooters for adults to off-road electric scooters, here are EleKtro’s upcoming e-scooter models for the rest of 2023.


EleKtro Flash

The EleKtro Flash electric scooter will feature a commuter electric scooter with specs and features perfect for Western Australia’s hilly terrain. EleKtro recently revealed its first look on EleKtro’s official Facebook page.

While no full specs have been released yet, its main features include its very bright front, rear, and deck lights and its dual swingarm suspension. Once it launches, this electric commuter scooter will be the only model at its price point to have suspension.

Overall, this commuter e-scooter is perfect for people who need a daily city ride or a capable e-scooter that can take on low hills. For more information on this upcoming model, stay tuned at EleKtro’s official website and social media channels. The possible release date is in October!


EleKtro 911

After releasing a capable e-scooter, EleKtro also plans to launch another entry-level commuter electric scooter like the EleKtro City. However, it offers a more premium design without breaking the bank.

Designed by F. A. Porsche Studio, the EleKtro 911 is an entry-level adult electric commuter scooter featuring an aviation aluminium alloy body and an app connectivity feature. Since it’s designed by the original designers of Porsche, the EleKtro 911 ensures a sophisticated design and quality build.

It’ll also include decent specs for city riding, making it an ideal electric scooter for work commute and leisure.

Ultimately, the EleKtro 911 electric scooter is ideal for people who prefer an affordable but premium entry-level e-scooter. No teasers are up yet, but it’ll come soon, as it may launch by November.


EleKtro Hero I

EleKtro will also add a few more e-scooters to their lineup of off-road e-scooters. The EleKtro Hero I offers a high-performance ride that sits between the EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro and the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro.

As a result, the EleKtro Hero I offers a sweet spot for people looking for an off-road ride without it being too fast or bulky in size. It also offers a good balance between a commuter e-scooter and an off-road ride. As a result, it’s an ideal off-road e-scooter in Australia since it can easily take on most terrains in the city and off-road.

EleKtro Hero I’s highlights include a powerful single motor, high-performance suspension, adjustable stem, and long-distance capability. Plus, it’ll have a distinct green and black colour.

EleKtro may launch this by November, so stay tuned!


EleKtro Hero II

Finally, EleKtro will launch the EleKtro Hero II, an upgraded version of the Hero I. Like the base model, it’ll also have a high-performance suspension, an adjustable stem, and long-range capability.

However, this off-road electric scooter will have a slightly higher performance thanks to its dual motors. It’ll also feature a different colour, specifically a distinct orange and black exterior.

This ride suits people who want a slightly better performance but still below extreme speeds. It’s also a great choice for long-range rides and uphill riding.

It'll possibly be released by November. The EleKtro Hero II is one of the off-road electric scooters in Australia you should watch out for since it’ll offer both commuter and off-road capabilities that many riders are looking for.


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Meanwhile, explore EleKtro’s current e-scooter models and find the best electric commuter scooter or off-road electric scooter for adults that suits your riding needs and lifestyle.
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