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Introducing the Brand-New EleKtro Flash Electric Scooter
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Introducing the Brand-New EleKtro Flash Electric Scooter

Are you looking for a stylish, practical, and comfortable ride that can take on hills easily without breaking the bank?

Look no further as EleKtro proudly releases our brand-new model, the EleKtro Flash electric scooter. This long-range electric scooter features an eye-catching black and yellow exterior, dual swingarm suspensions, foldable and adjustable stem and handlebars, and bright, flashy 360° deck lighting and turn signals, all at a reasonable starting price of $1,299.

If you’re interested, learn more about this highly-anticipated EleKtro electric scooter in Australia.


What Makes the EleKtro Flash Different?

No other e-scooter offers a combination of the following EleKtro Flash features.


Dual Swingarm Sports Suspensions

At its price point, the EleKtro Flash scooter is the only ride offering suspension. Few long-range electric scooters offer suspension since they mostly cater to city riding.

However, the EleKtro Flash provides dual swingarm sports suspensions, allowing you to take on most terrains, especially the hilly parts of Western Australia.

Dual swingarm suspensions enable an e-scooter to move vertically, accept lateral forces when cornering, and take on heavy loads. As a result, you get an e-scooter that efficiently absorbs shocks and bumps on the road and stabilises your balance while riding.

Along with the EleKtro Flash’s 8.5-inch puncture-proof solid tyres, you get a smooth and comfortable riding experience, even on rough paths.

Overall, the EleKtro Flash offers excellent comfort and stability thanks to its swingarm suspensions.


360° Deck Lighting

The EleKtro Flash’s name is derived from its eye-catching, bright lights. It features 360° deck lights, adding to its hip and modern look. If you like a flashy and cool-looking ride, consider getting the EleKtro Flash for its distinct style, colour, and lights.

Besides adding style and character to the EleKtro Flash, these bright lights add practicality and safety, especially when riding at night.

The front, rear, and deck lights are bright enough to properly illuminate your path and make you visible to other vehicles and pedestrians when riding in dark areas. 


Fully Adjustable, Foldable Stem and Handlebars

The EleKtro Flash provides practicality and convenience through its dynamic stem and handlebar design. It features a fully adjustable stem that enables you to lengthen, like the EleKtro Ultra 8 and Ultra 8 Pro. This feature makes this ride perfect for taller individuals.

Besides this, you can also fold the stem to make it easier to carry around. It folds at the base of the deck, giving you a more stable and durable folding mechanism.

Lastly, the EleKtro Flash also includes foldable handlebars, which help minimise its size when transporting, parking, or storing.

Overall, this combination of practical features makes the EleKtro Flash a space-saving, foldable electric scooter.


Signal Lights

Most e-scooters are equipped with front and rear lights, which also serve as safety lights to warn other vehicles and riders on the road. However, the EleKtro Flash electric scooter takes your safety up a notch by including bright turning signal lights.

Just like a car or motorcycle, you can flash the left or right turn signal at the push of a button on your dashboard. You can also double flash the signals by doing a long press on the button.

It’s a simple but highly convenient way to increase your safety while travelling. Letting others know your next course of action will prevent accidents on the road.


How Does the EleKtro Flash E-scooter Perform?

Regarding performance, the EleKtro Flash e-scooter offers high speeds and long ranges, perfect for daily commutes and long trips. Learn more about the EleKtro Flash specs below.

Motor and Speed

The EleKtro Flash features a 350 W motor that produces an unrestricted top speed of 40 kph, suitable for private land use. As a result, it’s one of the fastest electric scooters for adults in its category.

However, due to electric scooter laws in Australia, its top speed is capped at 25 kph. We remind riders to follow your city or state’s e-scooter laws and observe traffic rules to stay safe while travelling.

Besides this, its motor produces a hill grade of 18°, making it suitable for hilly terrain.


Battery and Range

When it comes to the battery and range, the EleKtro Flash uses a 36 V 13 Ah battery that delivers up to 50 km on a single charge. Due to these specs, it’s one of the fastest, longest range electric scooters in its class.

Thanks to its battery capacity, you don’t have to worry about charging every time you use your e-scooter, since you’ll have enough left for your next ride. And when you need to charge it, it’ll only take four to six hours until it fully charges.


Build Quality

Besides its look and performance, the EleKtro Flash prioritises build quality and reliability. This foldable electric scooter is made from premium materials and has an IP54 rating, as with other EleKtro e-scooters.

Also, the EleKtro Flash weighs 22 kg and can carry a maximum load of 100 kg.

Because of its premium build and components, the EleKtro Flash can ride through various terrains, including cement, asphalt, and soil.

Overall, the EleKtro Flash ensures durability and reliability, giving you a tough and longer-lasting e-scooter.


Enjoy Local Warranty, Parts, and Repairs for the EleKtro Flash

One of the best things about the EleKtro Flash is the after-sales service that comes with it. EleKtro offers a two-year warranty for the EleKtro Flash frame and a one-year warranty for its main body, official motor, battery, and controller.

Generally, a longer warranty period shows the product’s reliability, and EleKtro is confident that its e-scooters will last long. Learn more about the EleKtro warranty policy.

Besides this, you can find local authentic parts of the EleKtro Flash since EleKtro is an Australia-based brand. You can also book a service and repair appointment directly to EleKtro’s HQ to ensure your EleKtro Flash e-scooter remains in top condition.


Should You Buy the EleKtro Flash?

The EleKtro Flash is the best electric scooter in Australia for people who need a practical ride with decent specs that can take on hilly terrain. It also suits commuters looking for a slightly compact long-range e-scooter.

More importantly, the EleKtro Flash is reasonably priced for the performance, features, and durability you get, making it the best choice if you want the best value for your money.


Become an EleKtro Flash Reseller

If you want to sell the EleKtro Flash at your shop, feel free to register as an EleKtro reseller. EleKtro offers exclusive perks and dedicated support to our official partners. Check out the registration link to learn more about our e-scooter reseller program.
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