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The EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro offers the ultimate commuter electric scooter for better power, style, and comfort with your daily rides.

Supercharged by dual 600 W motors, the Ultra 8 Pro can ride up to 55 km and produce up to 55 kph (restricted to 25 kph), which is more than your average commuter e-scooter.

The e-scooter also features distinct and eye-catching 360° deck lights, adding extra style and lighting for day and night rides.

When it comes to comfort, the Ultra 8 Pro includes dual swingarm suspension to reduce rattling and give your ride better stability on uneven roads. Plus, you can adjust the stem to help you ride comfortably and fold the handlebars to help you save space when storing your e-scooter. 

Lastly, the EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro prioritises your e-scooter's safety with a built-in NFC security lock. This smart lock lets you switch the Ultra 8 Pro on and off using a key card, so no one can ride your e-scooter while you're away.

Top Features:
Anti-theft NFC Security Lock
Dual Swingarm Suspensions
Bright 360° Deck Lights
AAdjustable Stem and Foldable Handlebars
600 W Dual Motors"

Ultra 8 Pro Specifications
MODEL  Ultra 8 Pro
MOTOR  2x 600W (Dual Motor)
Max Speed  Up to 55 Kph ( * Restricted to 25 Kph )
Max Load  120 Kgs
Max Range  Up to 55Km
Hill Grade  20°
Battery  48v 15.6Ah
Charging Time  6-8 Hours
NFC Lock  with NFC Lock
Tyres  8.5" Front Pneumatic, Rear is Puncture Proof Solid Tyres
Brakes  Drum Brakes
Suspension  Front & Rear Sports Swingarm Suspension
Weight  24kgs

Travel Anywhere, Anytime With More Power, Safety, and Comfort


The EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro is the ultimate travel companion for daily commutes.

Powered by a 600 W dual motor engine, the Ultra 8 Pro focuses on a better performance than the Ultra 8. But it retains the technology, practical features, and modern design that’s a hit among riders.

As a result, the Ultra 8 Pro gives you the power, safety, comfort, and style you deserve in every ride.

Get Twice the Power in Every Ride

Best-in-class Specs

The EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro offers higher specs than your average electric scooter. It features dual 600 W motors to supercharge your ride and produce a maximum speed of 55 kph (restricted to 25 kph).

The Ultra 8 Pro can also last up to 55 km per charge while carrying a total weight of 120 kg. When it comes to slopes and ramps, this ultra e-scooter has no problem climbing 20° inclines.

Although the Ultra 8 Pro focuses on performance, it also emphasises safety, comfort, and style by adding an NFC lock, dual swingarm suspensions, foldable handlebars, an adjustable stem, and 360° deck lights

Carry and Store Conveniently

Easy-folding Mechanism

Regarding comfort and convenience, the EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro features simple solutions to practical problems.

The EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro folds in half, allowing you to carry it upstairs or store it under desks, inside car trunks, and indoors.

Plus, its easy-folding mechanism folds from the deck for a more stable base while riding.

Ride Comfortably and Save Space

Easy-folding Mechanism

For extra convenience, this commuter e-scooter lets you modify the stem’s length based on your height. After finding a comfortable position, just lock the stem into place.

Meanwhile, the Ultra 8 Pro’s foldable handlebars further reduce the e-scooter’s dimensions when folded.

Protect Your E-scooter From Theft

Built-in NFC Lock

To keep your electric scooter extra safe, the EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro features a highly secure NFC lock, allowing you to lock and unlock your unit by tapping a key card.

This commuter e-scooter comes with two key cards that you can hang on your unit while riding and tuck away with your keys to avoid losing them.

Without a start button to press and a key lock to pick, your Ultra 8 Pro is safe from anyone trying to access and operate your ride without your knowledge. For extra protection, we recommend getting a high-security lock and locking your e-scooter securely to prevent theft when parking in public.

Make Heads Turn—Day and Night!

Eye-catching 360° Deck Lights

While the EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro emphasises power, safety, and comfort, it doesn’t forget about style! Grab others’ attention with the Ultra 8 Pro’s 360° deck lighting system. It’s a hip and flashy design that makes it stand out from the rest.

Besides its eye-catching design, the deck lights act as additional light suitable for night riding. Feel safer at night, knowing other riders and vehicles see you better.

Prioritise Your Comfort and Safety

Dual Swingarm Suspensions

Your safety and comfort on the road are our priority. The EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro highlights this using dual swingarm suspensions to reduce bumps, rattles, and shocks you might encounter while riding.

Plus, the dual suspension works in tandem with the 8.5-inch front pneumatic tyre and solid rear tyre to cushion and stabilise your ride, enabling you to ride through most city terrains, from cemented walkways to sandy paths.