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Weighing only 12 kg, the EleKtro Lite offers the lightest e-scooter among the EleKtro models. This entry-level e-scooter provides a slim, lightweight, and compact ride, perfect for city trips.

However, despite its light weight, this portable electric scooter produces performance you don’t see in most e-scooters within its category. It uses a 350 W single motor to deliver up to 25 kph and a maximum range of 25 km.

Regarding ride quality, the EleKtro Lite electric scooter uses 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres with inner tubes to give riders a smooth and stable riding experience. The tyres cushion the rides, absorbing small bumps and shocks on the road.

This city ride also uses technology and design to bring riders convenience. It features a Bluetooth-connected app display and a one-step easy folding mechanism.

Overall, the EleKtro Lite is poised to become the best portable electric scooter in Australia. This light, capable, and tech-ready e-scooter makes it the perfect city ride for those who want to travel anywhere, anytime.

Top Features:
12-kg Weight
Bluetooth-connected App Digital Display
350 W Single Motor
8.5” Pneumatic Tires with Inner Tubes
One-step Easy Folding System
120-kg Maximum Load

Elektro LITE Specifications
MODEL  EleKtro Lite
MOTOR  350 W Single Motor
Max Speed  Up to 25 kph
Max Load  120 Kgs
Max Range  25 km
Hill Grade  15°
Battery  36 V 7.8 Ah
Charging Time  4-6 Hours
Dimensions  1070 x 420 x 1120 mm Unfolded
 1070 x 430 x 490 mm Folded
Tyres  8.5” Pneumatic Tires with Inner Tubes
Brakes  Rear Disc Brake
Lights  Headlight, Brake Light
Weight  12kgs

Travel Light, Travel Well


The EleKtro Lite offers a portable, entry-level electric scooter. Weighing only 12 kg, it is poised as the lightest electric scooter in Australia.

However, this lightweight e-scooter doesn’t lack in performance, as it features a 350 W motor, smart app connectivity, a digital display, and a one-step folding mechanism.

The EleKtro Lite e-scooter suits students, workers, and commuters who need a compact but capable daily ride in the city. Explore this portable electric scooter and experience comfortable trips in the city whenever you like!

Cruise Effortlessly Through the Streets

City-Ready Performance

Explore the world around you with ease. The EleKtro Lite can produce up to 25 kph and travel up to 25 km, making it a quick and practical ride for commuters. 

Despite being a portable electric scooter, the EleKtro Lite can handle a maximum load of 120 kg. That’s heavier than what most entry-level and lightweight e-scooters can carry. Plus, it can climb slopes of up to 15°. Ultimately, this lightweight and compact e-scooter can do more than your average entry-level e-scooter.

Elevate Your Commutes

Economical 350 W Single Motor

Despite being a portable electric scooter for adults, the EleKtro Lite uses a 350 W single motor that provides the core of its performance. At just 350 W, this e-scooter produces the right amount of power for an entry-level city ride.

Along with its 36 V 7.8 Ah battery, the EleKtro Lite offers everything you need to travel light and travel well through different streets and paths.

Maximise Technology for Your Convenience

Bluetooth-capable Digital Display

The EleKtro Lite electric scooter features a sleek digital display that shows all your riding information at a glance. The screen presents your current e-scooter speed, riding mode, Bluetooth icon indicator, error indicator, and battery level to help you keep track of your riding stats and e-scooter’s condition.

Besides the clear display, this portable electric scooter includes Bluetooth connectivity enabling you to connect the EleKtro Lite to your smartphone via a dedicated app. The app lets you control your e-scooter, check its condition, see your riding information, and more.

Experience Smooth and Stable Trips

Comfortable Pneumatic Tyres

Thanks to its inner tubes, the EleKtro Lite’s 8.5-inch pneumatic or air-filled tyres cushion your trips by absorbing small shocks and bumps on the road. Plus, the inner tubes offer low rolling resistance, making it easier to manoeuvre. As a result, you have smooth and stable trips when riding on rough paths.

Save Space and Bring It Anywhere

One-Step Easy Folding Mechanism

Besides its compact size and build, the EleKtro Lite is the best portable electric scooter due to its easy-fold mechanism. This e-scooter folds at the stem, helping you save space and providing easy storage. It uses a quick-release lever to make it easy to fold and unfold this e-scooter with just one step.