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How to Become an EleKtro Electric Scooter Reseller in Queensland
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How to Become an EleKtro Electric Scooter Reseller in Queensland

As one of the best electric scooter brands in Australia, EleKtro is on a mission to make premium electric scooters available and accessible to anyone! To make this possible, we’re opening an EleKtro electric scooter reseller program in Queensland.

E-scooters have become popular and common in Queensland since its government allowed private and shared e-scooters in the state. This is the perfect opportunity for e-scooter retailers to introduce other e-scooter brands and models to Queensland’s community.

If you’re interested, this guide shares how you can become an electric scooter reseller in Queensland. Learn more below.


Why Become an Electric Scooter Distributor

In recent years, more states and cities in Australia have become welcoming to the idea of integrating micromobility devices like e-scooters into the transportation system. Although it’s not widely spread, some states that allow private e-scooters in public include Queensland, ACT, Western Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria.

Studies also forecast that the Australian micromobility market will reach a market growth rate of 89.5% from 2021 to 2030. Key factors for this growth include the e-scooter’s low prices compared to cars and motorcycles, the rising demand for first and last-mile transport solutions, the increasing need to reduce traffic congestion, and the e-scooter’s overall convenience.

As a result, this is the perfect time for micromobility retailers to invest in e-scooters and tap its growing market. Becoming an electric scooter distributor also lets you join the movement of promoting sustainable and cost-effective transportation in Australia. Join us at EleKtro as we promote eco-friendly transportation for students, workers, and families in the country.


Introducing EleKtro

EleKtro is an electric scooter wholesale distributor offering premium e-scooters for various needs and lifestyles, from entry-level city rides to high-performance off-road e-scooters.

We aim to become the best electric scooter brand by providing well-designed and affordable e-scooters while utilising meticulous craftsmanship and advanced technology. Learn more about EleKtro.


The Benefits of Becoming an EleKtro Electric Scooter Retailer in Queensland

Get the following perks when you become an EleKtro e-scooter reseller today!


Receive Exclusive Discounts and Dedicated Support

Official EleKtro partners will get bulk order discounts and other exclusive deals. Plus, our team will help you market EleKtro products, maintain and repair your customer’s e-scooters, manage orders, and resolve any other concerns you may have.

Besides our management team, our team of expert technicians are always available in our local service repair centre in WA. EleKtro’s headquarters and repair centre is located at 230 Great Eastern Highway, Ascot, WA 6104. EleKtro provides partners and customers with the best repair and customer service. 


Generate Potentially Good Profits

Since our launch, EleKtro has sold thousands of EleKtro models across Australia. The brand plans on releasing more e-scooter models in the future, allowing you to sell various kinds of e-scooters and gain more profits. Check out our growing number of EleKtro customers.


Join Our Network of Electric Scooter Retailers in Australia

EleKtro’s reselling partners are increasing, so don’t miss out on being part of our growing network of electric scooter distributors in Australia! Some of our partners include Scooteroo and Bunnings Marketplace.


How to Become an EleKtro Electric Scooter Reseller in Queensland

Become an authorised EleKtro reseller in three easy steps!


1. Apply as an Electric Scooter Distributor

Start by completing the application form on our Become a Reseller page. Fill out all required information, such as your name, company name and address, and email. Then, click the ‘Submit’ button. If you have any questions regarding the application form, feel free to contact us.

Note that EleKtro doesn’t sell or share your information. We’ll handle your data with the utmost care and confidentiality.


2. Discuss Terms With Our Team

After applying as an electric scooter reseller, please wait for one of our representatives to reach out and discuss the terms and conditions of our reseller program.

If you have any concerns regarding this partnership, feel free to raise your questions during this phase. We would be happy to answer or clarify any of your concerns.

After agreeing with the terms, we’ll then sign a contract and begin official partners! 


3. Start Selling EleKtro Electric Scooters in Queensland

You may now order and resell one of the best electric scooter brands for adults! Note that we offer bulk discounts for a minimum quantity of five units per pallet. Our partnerships also include marketing support, such as content creation and social media promotions.

Learn more about the reseller program, or contact us for any questions and concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Electric Scooters Legal in Queensland?

Yes. Electric scooters are legal in Queensland. However, your device must comply with the state’s requirements to become eligible to ride it in public. Learn more about the electric scooter laws in Australia to learn more about each state’s regulations.


Can I Sell Electric Scooters in Queensland?

Yes. It is legal to sell e-scooters in Queensland since the state allows private and shared e-scooters in public. Just make sure that you’re a registered business and you’re selling law-compliant e-scooters.


Does EleKtro Offer Repair or Maintenance Services?

Yes! EleKtro has a local service repair centre in WA consisting of a team of technicians that provide repair and maintenance services to EleKtro and non-EleKtro customers. You can book an appointment via our service and repair page.


Become an Official EleKtro Electric Scooter Distributor in Queensland Today!

EleKtro is thrilled to partner with you! Together, let’s become the best scooter electric distributor in Australia and make e-scooters more available and accessible to students, workers, and families.

If you haven’t seen our e-scooters, feel free to explore EleKtro’s range of models by browsing our online shop.
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