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Safety First: Exploring the Built-in Safety Features of Elektro E-Scooters
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Safety First: Exploring the Built-in Safety Features of Elektro E-Scooters

Electric scooters offer a convenient way to get around, but given their minimal design, the e-scooters expose riders to danger when riding. That’s why the most important part of an e-scooter is its safety feature, which often includes its brake and lights.

Since EleKtro prioritises our customer’s safety, we ensure that EleKtro e-scooters are well-equipped with reliable braking systems, bright lights, and other safety technology.

If you want to learn more about the various e-scooter safety features we incorporated in our models, this article lists all the features and technology you’ll see in one or more of our EleKtro e-scooters.

Before getting into the list, we would like to remind everyone that safe e-scooter riding in Australia starts with proper helmet usage with EleKtro e-scooters. Also, riders should learn their city or state’s e-scooter laws and ride responsibly to be safe on the road.


The Different EleKtro Scooter Safety Features

If you want to learn more about the EleKtro scooter safety standards, check out the various features we have incorporated in our models.


1. Drum Brake

Drum brakes are an old-style type of brake made from cast iron. It’s often attached to the e-scooter’s rear wheel and enclosed, protecting it from external dirt and debris.

Despite being an older brake type, it offers convenience since it’s relatively easy to maintain. After all, it’s less prone to damage and less exposed to harmful elements. As a result, it’s perfect for riding in wet and muddy conditions, and it generally lasts longer.

Regarding performance, they offer adequate stopping power, enough for city riding. You’ll see the drum brake used in the Elektro City, EleKtro Ultra 8, and EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro


2. Hydraulic Disc Brake

Disc brakes are common braking systems used in e-scooters. A disc or rotor is attached to a wheel, and brake pads press against it to stop it. Because of the friction, it offers a strong and responsive stopping power.

The most advanced and powerful type of disc brakes is the hydraulic version. It works like the typical disc brake system, but it uses hydraulic fluid instead of cables to apply force to the brake pads. As a result, you get a stronger and more responsive stopping power.

Given its performance, it’s the preferred EleKtro scooter braking system for our off-road and high-performance rides. You’ll see hydraulic disc brakes on the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro, EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro+, and EleKtro Flash.


3. Electronic Braking System (EBS)

Electronic brakes, commonly referred to as EBS, are activated via a switch or lever on the e-scooter handlebars. These brakes cause an increase in physical resistance on the e-scooter motor’s rotation, causing it to stop.

Besides its stopping power, the EBS also ensures that your ride is stable and easy to manoeuvre during emergency brakes. Many e-scooters add an EBS to their main braking system for increased safety.

You’ll see an EBS along with a hydraulic disc brake in the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro+ and EleKtro Flash.


4. Front and Rear Lights

EleKtro e-scooter safety regulations require its models to be fitted with front and rear lights. After all, most states require e-scooters to have them for safety purposes and, in some cases, to be street legal.

All EleKtro e-scooters are equipped with bright front and rear lights. You’ll find the EleKtro City’s front light on its handlebars, while the rest of the EleKtro models have it fitted near the bottom of its stem.


5. Deck Light

Deck lights are the colourful streak of lights on the side of the deck where riders stand. These lights give an eye-catching style but also lighting and visibility on EleKtro scooters. 

Unlike some models, EleKtro scooter LED lighting provides intense bright lights and a long-lasting bulb. Every EleKtro e-scooter model except the EleKtro City includes bright deck lights.


6. Turn Signal

Although most e-scooters provide rear lights, few models offer turn signals. These lights are often fitted at the back side of the e-scooter near the rear lights.

Turn signals help riders indicate to pedestrians, other riders, and vehicles if they’re about to turn. This prevents collisions on the road.

So far, the EleKtro Flash e-scooter is the only EleKtro model with turn signals.


7. NFC Security Lock

Besides your safety as a rider, EleKtro also ensures that your ride is safe from theft and that your kids are safe from unauthorised riding.

The EleKtro Ultra 8, EleKtro Ultra 8 Pro, and EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro feature an NFC lock. This type of lock uses near-field communication technology to lock an e-scooter when not in use. It works by simply tapping a card key on the designated area on the handlebar.

With this e-scooter safety technology, you can prevent theft since others can’t access your ride without the keycard. It’ll also prevent young children from using or playing around with it.

However, for increased protection, EleKtro recommends securing it with a strong lock when parked outside and storing it properly at home.


8. Password-Protected On Switch

Besides the NFC lock, one of the anti-theft features on EleKtro e-scooters is the password-protected on-switch. So far, it’s only available on the EleKtro Ultra 10 Pro+.

This advanced feature lets you lock and unlock our e-scooter, preventing others from having unauthorised access to your ride. Plus, you don’t need to worry about losing your key cards since it’s password-enabled.

Like the NFC lock, this advanced safety feature fits people who don’t want to prevent e-scooter theft when parking in public and who want to keep their kids from riding or playing with it.


9. Swingarm Suspension

A swingarm suspension connects the e-scooter’s body to the wheel, enabling it to carry heavy loads and accept lateral forces when cornering. Overall, it provides an EleKtro scooter stability and balance while riding.

Although the main purpose of a suspension is to bring comfort and a better riding experience for riders, it can also keep you safe as it helps stabilise rides when riding on uneven terrain.

Without a suspension, it may be difficult to keep your balance when riding on rough roads, especially if you’re a beginner. With a suspension, you can balance and manoeuvre the e-scooter easily, preventing you from falling and getting injured. 

All EleKtro models except the entry-level EleKtro City e-scooter use a swingarm suspension.


10. Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic or air-filled tires provide extra cushioning and shock absorption for e-scooters. Besides the increased riding comfort, these types of tires will help stabilise your rides, keeping you safe when riding on uneven terrain.

Plus, the tire tread patterns provide extra grip when riding in wet conditions, enabling you to steer your e-scooter better. Most EleKtro e-scooters, except the EleKtro Flash, use pneumatic tires. Overall, choose Elektro e-scooter tires for stability and safety.


Which Safety Features Should You Choose?

All the safety features mentioned above are necessary to keep you safe. However, since not all e-scooters offer these features, aim to have at least one reliable braking system, a front light, and a rear light. These are the essential safety features all e-scooters provide.

If you want to increase your safety features, look for e-scooters with a more powerful braking system, like the hydraulic disc brake. Also, choose e-scooters with multiple braking systems and other safety features, like the turn signal and NFC security lock.

While it’s better to have as many safety features fitted on your e-scooter as possible, remember that the best ride is the one that resolves your commuting needs. If you don’t need to go off-roading, a drum brake is enough. Just make sure you buy from a reliable brand or retailer to get what you pay for.

Ultimately, always wear a helmet and additional protective gear for e-scooter riders, like elbow and knee pads, to keep yourself safe on the road.

As EleKtro continues to expand and release more models in the future, Explore the EleKtro online shop to learn more about our e-scooter models.
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