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How to Become an EleKtro Electric Scooter Reseller in Victoria
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How to Become an EleKtro Electric Scooter Reseller in Victoria

To make electric scooters more accessible to commuters, students, and workers across Australia, EleKtro is partnering with local retailers who want to explore the e-scooter market or add a local e-scooter brand to their lineup.

Electric scooter laws in Victoria allow shared and private e-scooters in public as part of their e-scooter trial. Given this demand, EleKtro can help you fill this demand for private e-scooters through our electric scooter wholesale.

If you’re interested in becoming our partner, read on to learn how to become an EleKtro electric scooter reseller in Victoria.


The Benefits of Becoming an Electric Scooter Distributor in Australia

Should you try entering or expanding to the e-scooter market? Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming an electric scooter distributor in Victoria.

  • Tap into a growing market: The Australian micromobility market is predicted to reach a growth rate of 89.51% by 2030 as more people switch to portable, affordable, and eco-friendly means of transportation.
  • Promising profits: If the market for e-scooters increases over time, the possibility of better profits also increases. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your shop in the long run.
  • Help promote sustainable transportation solutions: Electric scooters offer riders a cheaper way to travel without harming the environment. If you believe it’s time to switch to eco-friendly transportation, selling e-scooters will help you promote green micromobility devices in Victoria.
  • What Is EleKtro?

    EleKtro offers premium electric scooters catering to different commuting needs and lifestyles. Our rides are made of durable materials and use advanced technology to keep them practical and safe on the road.

    We aim to become a leading e-scooter provider in Australia through our well-designed and reasonably-priced e-scooters. Together, we can promote the e-scooter revolution in the country and make a difference in everyday lives. Learn more about EleKtro.


    The 3 Perks of Being an EleKtro Electric Scooter Reseller in Victoria

    What do you get from being an EleKtro partner? Here are just some of the benefits of becoming an electric scooter reseller.


    Get Dedicated Support and Discounts

    As an electric scooter wholesale distributor, EleKtro provides its partners with awesome perks. For one, we give bulk order discounts for a minimum quantity of five units per pallet, resulting in a lower electric scooter wholesale price. We also offer exclusive deals to help you save and earn more.

    Besides this, our management team will provide dedicated support to help you market EleKtro e-scooters, manage orders, repair and maintain your customer’s e-scooters, and resolve any concerns.

    Meanwhile, our professional technicians are available for any repairs at our service and repair centre in WA. If you or your customer needs help with repairs or maintenance, our centre is located at 230 Great Eastern Highway, Ascot, WA 6104. We take pride in the skill of our technicians, which enables us to provide the best possible repair and customer service. 


    Gain Good Profits

    Elektro is gaining popularity in Western Australia and the rest of the country, having sold thousands of units despite its recent launch. We have built a community of supporters who enjoy and believe in our e-scooters. See our growing number of EleKtro customers.

    Bringing EleKtro e-scooters to Victoria will help you tap into markets looking for the quality and variety we offer. With more models lined up in our plans, you can enjoy selling a wide range of our e-scooters for more profits.


    Become Part of Our Network of Distributors in Australia

    Our partnerships are growing, and you also have the opportunity to be a part of our network of electric scooter distributors in Australia. Some of our partners include Scooteroo and Bunnings Marketplace.


    How to Become an EleKtro Electric Scooter Reseller in Victoria

    We offer electric scooter wholesale in Australia for shops who want to sell our models or want to expand to the micromobility market. Here’s how you can become our authorised partner.


    1. Submit an Application Online

    Go to our Become a Reseller page and fill out all the required information on the online form. Some of the necessary information you need to give include your full name, company, company address, and contact details. Then, hit the ‘Submit’ button and wait for a response from our team. 

    We made our application process more convenient and accessible for any retailer in Australia interested in partnering with us. Please note that we’ll handle your data with the utmost care and confidentiality. We don’t share or sell your information to anyone.

    If you have any questions regarding the partnership application process, feel free to contact our team.


    2. Talk With Our Team

    Our team representative will reach out upon receiving your application and will discuss the terms and conditions of our reseller program.

    This is the perfect opportunity to ask our team any questions or concerns you may have about the partnership. We would be happy to clarify or answer any concerns.

    If both parties agree to the partnership, then we’ll sign a contract and begin our partnership!


    3. Sell an EleKtro Electric Scooter in Victoria

    Once everything is settled, you may now order and resell our adult electric scooters. Remember, we offer bulk discounts for a minimum quantity of five units per pallet. We’ll also help you with marketing support, including social media promotions and content creation.

    Again, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the whole process.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Electric Scooters Legal in Victoria?

    Yes! Electric scooter laws in Victoria allow hired and private e-scooters on shared paths and roads with a 60 kph speed limit. However, note that the e-scooter must comply with government specifications, such as having a 25 kph top speed, two wheels, and a maximum capacity of one rider.


    Is It Legal to Sell Electric Scooters in Victoria?

    Yes! As of April 5, 2023, private e-scooters can be legally sold in Victoria, as long as the units comply with the state’s e-scooter laws.


    What Other Services Does EleKtro Offer?

    EleKtro offers repair and maintenance services for electric scooters, regardless of brand and model. Our local service repair centre in WA includes a team of expert technicians who can fix various e-scooter issues, from flat tyres to faulty circuit breakers. Learn more about our service and repair.


    Join Us as Our Official EleKtro Distributor in Victoria

    EleKtro is excited to partner with you! As your electric scooter wholesale supplier, we’ll ensure you receive the best possible service and help you sell your units in Victoria. After all, that’s what partners do, right?

    Together, let’s make e-scooters more accessible and available for commuters, individuals, and families in Victoria!

    Browse our online shop to check out our range of e-scooter models and see which one you’d like to sell in your shop.

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