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Introducing the EleKtro 911: A Porsche With Two Wheels
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Introducing the EleKtro 911: A Porsche With Two Wheels

Most entry-level e-scooters offer a simple, budget-friendly, and basic model. However, these kinds of e-scooters often lack durability, style, and a premium finish. To break the stereotype of entry-level e-scooters, EleKtro introduces its latest model, the EleKtro 911 electric scooter.

This entry-level electric scooter features a minimalist, sleek, and unique design, matched by the right amount of performance and excellent ride quality for city commutes. Like other entry-level rides, it provides all the basics you need for city commutes, first and last-mile trips, and short leisurely travels.

But what makes it special, capable, and different from other entry-level electric scooters? Let’s explore the EleKtro 911 below. 


What Makes the EleKtro 911 the Best Entry-Level Electric Scooter in Australia?

Learn more about the top specs and features of the EleKtro 911 electric scooter.

Designed by Porsche

At first glance, the EleKtro 911 features a distinct silver and grey colour scheme and a sleek but rounded design you don’t see in many e-scooters. In fact, it’s reminiscent of the Porsche 911 design.

That’s because F.A. Porsche Studio, the designer of the famous Porsche car brand, designed the EleKtro 911, incorporating the Porsche 911’s posh style.

Besides its sleek look, the EleKtro 911 e-scooter includes atmospheric lighting on the side of the deck, adding a touch of futurism and practicality to the e-scooter. The light provides a hip look, plus extra illumination in the dark.

Overall, what makes the EleKtro 911 different from other entry-level e-scooters is its premium materials, enabling it to carry up to 100 kg of max load.

Most entry-level rides use cheap material that won’t last long, but the EleKtro 911 uses premium aluminium and other materials to provide a durable ride that can last various terrains, weather, and riding conditions.


Decent Power for City Rides

Many entry-level e-scooters offer a motor power of around 200 W to 300 W, which gets the job done, especially for city riding. However, it may not be enough, especially when travelling through different city terrains.

The EleKtro 911 provides more power to help you get through different city roads, paths, and terrains, thanks to its 350 W single motor. This motor is capable of taking on city landscapes and travelling at a top speed of 25 kph.

Note that its top speed complies with most speed limits in Australia. However, check the electric scooter laws in Australia per state to check your city’s speed limits.


Enough Range for Daily Commutes

When it comes to range, the EleKtro 911 uses a 36 V 10.4 Ah battery, giving it more capacity than some entry-level e-scooters. As a result, it can travel a maximum range of 40 km on a single charge.

Most electric scooters for adults provide an average range of around 16 km to 40 km, making the EleKtro 911 more capable than other entry-level rides. This makes it the perfect ride for daily commutes, first and last-mile trips, and occasionally long leisure trips.

However, note that the actual maximum range varies depending on several factors, like riding speed, riding style, terrain, and weather. This is true for all e-scooters.


Practicality for Urban Living

As with other entry-level rides, the EleKtro 911 scooter offers convenience and practicality to riders, enabling them to bring the e-scooter anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to its 14-kg weight and easy-fold mechanism, you can reduce its size and carry it by the stem to transport it from place to place. Thanks to its compact size when folded, you can store it in small spaces, such as under desks, inside large cabinets, and inside car trunks.

In addition, it features a clear, smart LCD screen embedded seamlessly on the handlebars and a folding mechanism to make the EleKtro 911 extra portable.


Excellent Riding Experience

Despite its compact and slim appearance, the EleKtro 911 offers great manoeuvrability and shock absorption. The bigger tyres make it easy to steer the e-scooter, especially when cornering.

Although it has no suspension, its 10-inch tyres help cushion the e-scooter’s rides when riding through rough paths. However, since it’s not made for off-roading, it’s only ideal for smooth city paths. Nonetheless, you get less rattling and instability when riding through rough city roads.


Reliable Safety Features

Finally, the EleKtro 911 is equipped with a responsive rear disc brake that provides enough stopping power to keep you safe on the road. Disc brakes are one of the most reliable braking systems used in e-scooters.

Besides this, you get a headlight, brake light, and atmospheric deck light to illuminate your paths and make you more visible when riding at night.

Although you can rely on the EleKtro 911 to keep you safe, EleKtro reminds all riders to wear a helmet and other safety gear to protect themselves from any injuries in case of unexpected incidents.

More importantly, safety starts with responsible riding. Observe traffic laws and be mindful of others when travelling on an e-scooter.


A Luxurious E-scooter Made for the Streets

The EleKtro 911 was made not only for those who want a posh and premium ride but also for those who want a practical and capable city e-scooter.

This entry-level ride is perfect for beginners who want a ride that’s simple and easy to manoeuvre but feels premium.

It also suits seasoned riders who want an e-scooter that can keep up in various city road conditions, includes highly practical features, and is durable enough to last long.

Overall, if you want a premium and stylish e-scooter designed by Porsche at a reasonable price, consider getting the EleKtro 911!

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