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6 Features that Make the EleKtro Flash Electric Scooter One of a Kind
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6 Features that Make the EleKtro Flash Electric Scooter One of a Kind

More e-scooter riders are looking for a convenient and safe ride for daily commutes to work, school, or errands. That’s where the EleKtro Flash electric scooter comes in.

This commuter e-scooter provides a combination of electric scooter features to make your trips safer, more comfortable, and convenient. Plus, it has a stylish exterior that makes it recognisable from afar.

On paper, its specs may seem similar to other commuter e-scooters. However, it offers better performance than most e-scooters in its class due to its longer distance.

If you’re curious about this new ride from EleKtro, let’s explore its six defining features and why it’s a stand-out among electric scooters in Australia.

1. Bright 360° Deck Lights

The EleKtro Flash got its name from its bright 360° deck lighting system. Whether you use them during the day or night, they add a hip and edgy style that catches the attention of others.

Besides giving it a unique look, these wrap-around deck lights also serve as one of its electric scooter safety features. When riding at night, its brightness is enough to help illuminate your path, helping you see the road better on dark alleys and paths. 

Plus, it also helps you become more visible to pedestrians, other riders, and vehicles, preventing accidents or collisions when travelling at night.

Overall, it doesn’t just add style but also extra safety when travelling.


2. Signal Lights

Signal lights are one of the uncommon features of an electric scooter at this price point, as many commuter e-scooters don’t have signal lights. These lights, fitted at the rear of the deck, are operated by buttons located on the cockpit.

Pressing the buttons lets you flash one or both lights to give pedestrians, other riders, and vehicles a signal when you’re about to turn a corner or change lanes (if you’re allowed to travel on the road in your city). It basically acts like a car’s turn signal.

If you’re worried about safety, this simple yet helpful detail will help keep you safe on the road.


3. Adjustable Stem

One problem taller and shorter riders encounter is finding a comfortable and stable position when travelling on an e-scooter. That’s because most e-scooters have a fixed stem length. Its average height is 39.1 inches or 99.3 cm since it’s close to the average height of an adult.

The EleKtro Flash e-scooter caters to various riders with its adjustable stem. It can go lower or higher to help riders find a comfortable riding position according to their height and preference.


4. Foldable Handlebars

Another part that you can adjust is the handlebars. Most e-scooter handlebars don’t fold, making it difficult for some people to carry their e-scooters on public transportation or store in a narrow space.

The EleKtro Flash scooter solves this concern by making it possible to fold them for your convenience. Simply twist the yellow locks down. This is located on your handlebar. Once it’s loose, you can fold it down.

If you live in an apartment or need to bring your e-scooter in the elevator, public transport, or inside the office, this feature will make it extra practical for you.

Also, note that the e-scooter can be folded in half. It folds from the deck, ensuring a stable ride.


5. Dual Swingarm Suspensions

Besides practicality, the EleKtro Flash e-scooter offers comfort through its dual swingarm suspensions. In fact, it’s the only e-scooter at its price point to offer suspensions, making this perfect for Australia’s hilly terrains.

Swingarm suspensions are designed to take on heavy loads and lateral forces, giving you a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Whether you take the EleKtro Flash on smooth city pavements or rough soil paths, this e-scooter will make every trip stable and safe, even at high speeds (We would like to remind riders to follow their city or state’s e-scooter speed limit). 


6. Eye-Catching Yellow Accents

Finally, the EleKtro Flash features a unique colour scheme and style you don’t see in many e-scooters.

It sports a black exterior and yellow-coloured accents found on its handlebars, folding lever, and suspension stand. Among other e-scooters, this colour scheme makes it easily distinguishable from other e-scooter brands and models.

Check out the EleKtro Flash if you’re looking for a simple but edgy e-scooter design that draws just the right amount of attention.

Notable Specs of the EleKtro Flash Electric Scooter

Besides its features, the EleKtro Flash provides enough performance to help you take on various terrains. It uses a 350 W motor and 36 V 13 Ah battery that delivers up to 40 kph (unrestricted) and up to 50 km on a single charge.

Note that the speed is capped at 25 kph to comply with electric scooter laws in Australia. You can only override the default speed when travelling on private property.

Regarding build quality, the EleKtro Flash features durable material with an IP54 rating and a maximum load of 100 kg. Overall, it’s a well-built ride capable of riding through hills and various terrains.

Who Should Get the EleKtro Flash E-scooter?

The EleKtro Flash offers a well-rounded e-scooter. However, this ride suits people who want a capable ride that can go through Australia’s hilly terrains.

This also suits taller or shorter riders who want a more comfortable and stable ride. Its adjustable stem, foldable body and handlebars, and swingarm suspensions make this e-scooter a highly practical and comfortable e-scooter.

Finally, consider the EleKtro Flash if you want an eye-catching and stylish ride without being too extreme with its design.

Overall, the EleKtro Flash suits countless riders. It’s one of the rides where the electric scooter features and price make sense since you get the quality you deserve for what you pay for.

If the EleKtro Flash made a good impression, feel free to visit our headquarters at 230 Great Eastern Highway, Ascot, WA 6104 and check it out in person.

If you also want to resell the EleKtro Flash electric scooter in Australia, you can become an EleKtro reseller, a trusted and official retail partner of EleKtro.

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