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5 Reasons to Join the EleKtro Giveaway Today
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5 Reasons to Join the EleKtro Giveaway Today

Have you entered the EleKtro giveaway yet? If you haven’t, this is your chance to win a brand-new EleKtro City electric scooter!

You may submit your entries until August 31, 2023, so you have time to become a participant.

If you need more reasons to win this EleKtro scooter, check out these five reasons below.


Why You Should Join the EleKtro City Giveaway

Here are five reasons why you should try winning the increasingly popular EleKtro City!


Easy to Join

Unlike some giveaways, you don’t need to make a big effort or buy anything to enter. You don’t even need to go outside your house! You only need your smartphone or computer and social media channels to enter.

Simply subscribe to the EleKtro newsletter, follow us on our official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and tag three friends on the giveaway post on Facebook or Instagram.

For a more detailed guide on how to enter the giveaway, scroll through the end of this article.


Open to All Australian Residents

As long as you live anywhere in Australia, you can enter the EleKtro giveaway! Again, this applies only to Australian residents, meaning you must live permanently or long-term in Australia.

Before entering the giveaway, we’d like to remind interested participants to check if their city or state allows private e-scooters on public roads and paths. Checking Australian e-scooter laws will help you ensure that you can maximise and enjoy your free EleKtro City.

But if you win the EleKtro and private e-scooters aren’t allowed in your city, you may still enjoy riding it on private property. Either way, nothing’s stopping you from entering the giveaway.


Switch to a New Daily Ride

Owning an electric scooter offers many benefits. For one, it’ll be easier to commute to and from school, work, or errands. E-scooters are the perfect first-and-last mile ride in the city or the suburbs since it’s portable and easy to bypass traffic jams.

Besides this, an e-scooter is more cost-effective than riding a car. Since it doesn’t use fuel, you don’t have to worry about fuel costs.

It also doesn’t consume much electricity when charging, so it will hardly make a dent on your electric bill. Plus, having fewer parts means fewer repair and maintenance costs.


Gain a Smart Entry-level E-scooter

The EleKtro City electric scooter breaks stereotypes by offering an app connectivity feature. Most entry-level rides don’t include smart features since they only offer basic e-scooter functions.

The app connectivity feature lets you connect the EleKtro City to your smartphone through a dedicated app. The app lets you control your e-scooter, monitor your riding information, and upgrade your ride’s firmware.

Check out this article if you want a closer look at the smart feature of the EleKtro City.


Get a Premium and Capable Ride for FREE

Finally, you should enter the EleKtro City giveaway since it’s one of the most capable entry-level rides in the market.

This EleKtro electric scooter features a 400 W motor and a 36 V 10.4 Ah lithium-ion battery, producing a top speed of 30 kph (restricted to 25 kph) and a max range of 40 km. Most entry-level e-scooters use around 300 W motors or below, giving the EleKtro City better overall performance for its class.

It also includes best-in-class build quality, a smart LCD screen, and removable grips.


How to Enter the EleKtro City Giveaway

To enter the giveaway, you must complete these three easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to the EleKtro newsletter.
  2. Follow our official social media pages:
  1. Tag 3 friends on the giveaway post on Facebook or Instagram.
    1. Leave a comment on the post.
    2. Tag three friends in the comment using their social media handles or usernames.
    3. Ensure your comment is visible to EleKtro’s account.

Important Note: Please be vigilant against pages and websites posing as EleKtro. We will never ask for your credit card details for this giveaway.

Stay safe by checking the website address carefully, and avoid clicking suspicious links. Please immediately report any suspicious or fraudulent accounts and websites you see.

To receive official news and updates from EleKtro, follow our official website, email, and social media accounts.

The giveaway duration is only until August 31, 2023, so enter now to get your chance to win a brand-new EleKtro City!

Check to learn more about EleKtro scooters.
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