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7 Reasons to Give Your Dad an EleKtro City on Father's Day
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7 Reasons to Give Your Dad an EleKtro City on Father's Day

Do you already have a gift for Father’s Day in Australia? If you don’t have one yet, consider getting your dad an e-scooter!

E-scooters can be one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who work in the city, live far from their workplace, have not ridden an e-scooter before, or simply love e-scooters or travelling around the city.

Among the e-scooters, why not try the EleKtro City, an entry-level e-scooter considered one of the best electric scooters in Australia in 2023?

But why is it one of the best Father’s Day gifts to give your dad? Here are some of the reasons why the EleKtro City may be the best Father’s Day gift.


1. Give a Convenient Transportation

Electric scooters generally provide a slim, portable, and practical ride compared to cars and motorcycles. But portable, entry-level e-scooters, like the EleKtro City, offer one of the best electric scooters for adults due to their convenience on the road and during storage.

When it comes to portability, the EleKtro City offers one of the lightest rides due to its 13-kg weight. Most entry-level rides weigh 11 kg to 15 kg, so the EleKtro City provides a good average weight for lightweight e-scooters.

Note that despite its light weight, it has a durable build and can carry a maximum load of 100 kg.

Besides its weight, the EleKtro City has a fairly compact body and foldable stem, allowing you to park or store it in small spaces. You can also carry it up the stairs or transport it from one place to another by holding it by its stem when folded.

To save extra space and make the ride more convenient, the EleKtro City also includes removable grips. You can remove the grips to minimise the space the e-scooter takes up when parked or stored. You can also change it to the grips you prefer, but the stock grips on the e-scooter already have an ergonomic and comfortable feel.

Overall, your dad won’t have any problems storing, parking, or carrying the e-scooter in most places since it’s built with convenience and portability.


2. Provide a High-tech E-scooter

Entry-level e-scooters usually only provide the minimum e-scooter specs and features. Also, normally, you seldom see smart features in entry-level rides, but the EleKtro City is one of the few e-scooter models that offer advanced technology at this level.

For one, the EleKtro City provides a smart LCD screen that shows your riding information at a glance in real-time. It’s big and bright enough to see in daylight, making it easy for you to check your current speed, battery level, speed mode, and Bluetooth connectivity.

This ride also includes an app connectivity feature via Bluetooth. You can connect the EleKtro City to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection. The app lets you view your riding information in detail, control your e-scooter features, and even activate cruise control.

If you want to learn more about this ride’s app connectivity, here’s a closer look at the smart feature of the EleKtro City.

Overall, It’s one of the best Father’s Day gifts for tech-savvy dads who want to customise their rides and monitor their riding information. Plus, at under $1,000, the EleKtro City offers one of the best-buy electric scooters for adults.


3. Let Your Dad Reach Farther Places

Most entry-level e-scooters have an average range of up to 25 km on a single charge. But, the EleKtro City can help your dad travel up to 40 km per charge, thanks to its 36 V 10.4 Ah lithium-ion battery.

If he lives far from work, you don’t need to worry whether he’ll make it or not. The EleKtro City’s battery capacity is enough to take your dad to his destination and back!

However, remember that the actual electric scooter range varies depending on various factors, such as the riding style, speed, rider weight, terrain, tyre pressure, and weather. Nonetheless, you’ll still get a longer distance than other entry-level e-scooters.


4. Help Him Reach Destinations Quicker

One of the perks of owning and using an e-scooter is saving time when you commute. That’s because e-scooters are compact and quick enough to bypass traffic and ride through narrow paths or footpaths (in some Australian states).

Besides its compact size, the EleKtro City also provides a higher motor power than most entry-level e-scooters. Its 400 W motor can deliver up to 30 kph on private property. Note that the speed is capped at 25 kph by default to comply with Australian e-scooter laws.

At a top speed of 25 kph, your dad can reach his destination quicker from his home and vice versa. EleKtro reminds all riders to always follow e-scooter road rules and wear safety gear like a helmet to keep themselves safe on the road.


5. Keep Him Safe During Trips

Regarding safety, the EleKtro City is equipped with premium drum brakes to keep riders safe in case of emergencies. Drum brakes are known for their strong braking force and easy maintenance.

One of the best electric scooters in Australia uses premium braking systems, especially disc brakes. However, since this is an entry-level e-scooter that doesn’t go at extremely high speeds, the drum brakes are enough to help riders react and stop immediately in urgent situations while travelling.

Besides the brakes, the EleKtro City also includes bright front and rear lights to help you navigate safely and become more visible to other vehicles and pedestrians when riding at night.


6. Offer a Low-Cost Way to Get Around

Electric scooters offer a cheaper option than riding a car or motorcycle since it doesn’t need fuel to run. Plus, it has a less expensive initial cost. For example, the EleKtro City only costs $899, and if you watch out for EleKtro’s sales and promos, you can save more!

At under $1,000, the EleKtro City offers decent specs and performance for a city e-scooter, smart features, a premium build, and standard safety features. At its price point, you get more than most entry-level e-scooters in the market.

So, if you want to give your dad one of the best Father’s Day gifts without breaking the bank, consider getting the EleKtro City.


7. Make Repair and Maintenance Easy

EleKtro makes e-scooter maintenance easy for EleKtro riders by offering repair and upkeep services to customers.

Plus, EleKtro offers a two-year warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty for the e-scooter’s official main body, motor, battery, and controller. For more information, check out the EleKtro warranty page.

With a longer warranty period than most e-scooter brands, you can be confident that EleKtro built reliable e-scooters that’ll last longer. But we can help you prolong your e-scooter’s lifespan through our maintenance team.

To schedule an appointment, simply book a service and repair online and drop off or ship your e-scooter to our headquarters at 230 Great Eastern Highway, Ascot, WA 6104.

We also extend our repair services to other e-scooter models. So, even if you own a different brand or model, you can get it repaired by our team.


Gift Your Dad a Premium Ride He Deserves

Overall, the EleKtro City is a premium e-scooter under the entry-level category. Because of its portability, ease of use, and performance, it’s an ideal choice for first-time riders.

Despite being new to the e-scooter scene, the EleKtro City is proving to be one of the best electric scooters for adults in Australia. Consider getting your dad this premium entry-level e-scooter if you want to give him a convenient, smart, and safe ride for commutes or leisurely trips.

But if you think the EleKtro City isn’t for your dad, feel free to browse EleKtro’s online shop to see other suitable Father’s Day gift ideas from our other EleKtro e-scooter models.

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